Swaim, Charles Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Swaim, Charles
Map of Wells Operated by Swaim, Charles
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TOLAR, TX 76476

Leases Operated by Swaim, Charles

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-073996 NELON Hood County
7B-073997 SSG KEVIN W. BUTLER Hood County
7B-073998 TROTTER Hood County
7B-075871 MAYES E. D. Hood County
7B-076593 ROBERTSON Hood County
7B-078572 NUNN, JOHN W. Erath County
7B-079025 TIPTON, M.E. Erath County
7B-079026 ADDISON Erath County
7B-079027 ADDISON Erath County
7B-080640 LAWRENCE, C.H. Hood County
7B-080641 LOWDEN, R R Hood County
7B-081411 SENTER, TOM Erath County
7B-081412 MCADAMS Erath County
7B-081413 ARMSTRONG Erath County
7B-081414 CANTRELL, EARL Erath County
7B-081416 LAUGHLIN, V. R. Erath County
7B-081418 BRAMLETT, F.G. Erath County
7B-081419 STURDIVANT, D. Erath County
7B-081420 CANTRELL, U. D. Erath County
7B-082675 MCNEIL, D. V. Erath County
7B-084712 CROWELL, J. W. Hood County
7B-085181 NANNY Hood County
7B-086273 LUKER, GARY Hood County
7B-088784 HAMMOND, E.R. Erath County
7B-088785 HAMMOND, E.R. Erath County
7B-098191 NIX, OTIS J. Hood County
7B-098193 NIX, OTIS J. Hood County
7B-099959 COLEMAN-NIX Hood County
7B-102359 GAUNTT Hood County

Drilling Permits Filed by Swaim, Charles