T.O.I. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By T.O.I.
Map of Wells Operated by T.O.I.
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Leases Operated by T.O.I.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-00013 STATE TRACT #5 Nueces County
04-013058 WILSON, E. C. Nueces County
04-030534 WILSON, E. C. Nueces County
04-042226 WILSON, E. C. Nueces County
04-045248 MCCAMPBELL, DUNN, -A- Kleberg County
04-045249 MCCAMPBELL, DUNN, -A- Kleberg County
04-097099 MCCAMPBELL, DUNN -A- Kleberg County
04-117757 DUNN-MCCAMPBELL -A- Kleberg County
04-152971 WILSON, E. C. Nueces County
04-152972 WILSON, E. C. Nueces County
04-156225 WILSON, E. C. Nueces County
06-106734 BIVINS GAS UNIT 1 Harrison County
06-13690 GRISSOM ET AL Gregg County
06-13914 GRISSOM Gregg County
06-145980 BIVINS GAS UNIT 1 Harrison County
06-150701 BIVINS GAS UNIT 1 Harrison County
06-161175 JONES, MINNIE Gregg County
06-163748 GRISSOM Gregg County
08-08660 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE Howard County
08-08765 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -A- Howard County
08-10293 TEX-HAN DOUTHIT /SAN ANDRES/ Howard County
08-113968 SELLERS, NELLIE Howard County
08-14275 SMITH Ector County
08-17401 REED-MCDONALD Howard County
08-19041 TEX-HAN DOUTHIT Howard County
08-22835 COLLINS ESTATE Sterling County
08-24374 COLLINS Sterling County
08-24607 NAIL, J.H., SEC. 26 Martin County
08-27121 BLOCKER Martin County
08-28237 COWDEN "A" Winkler County
08-28407 COWDEN -B- Winkler County
08-28717 COWDEN -D- Winkler County
08-29016 O'DANIEL Howard County
08-29168 MCCUTCHEON Winkler County
08-29531 O'DANIEL Howard County
08-31248 PATRICK Mitchell County
08-31888 FLEEMAN Howard County
08-32893 CROSS Ector County
08-33882 READ 20 Howard County
08-34507 NIEMEYER Mitchell County
08-34941 DOOLF A Mitchell County
08-34942 HINES Mitchell County
08-34943 DAWSON Mitchell County
08-34944 BRYANT Mitchell County
08-34945 JORDON Mitchell County
08-34946 DOOLF Mitchell County
08-34947 JUSTICE Mitchell County
7B-10274 TAGGART, I. J. Fisher County
7B-18849 TAGGART Fisher County
7C-08849 MAULDIN Menard County
7C-09020 EAST NEEL "A" Menard County
7C-09195 EAST NEEL "2" Menard County
7C-09244 EAST NEEL Menard County
7C-102303 ENOCHS, W. O. Schleicher County
7C-10907 CHAMBERS CSL Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by T.O.I.