Taurus Exploration U.S.A., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Taurus Exploration U.S.A., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Taurus Exploration U.S.A., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Taurus Exploration U.S.A., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-01364 FASKEN BLOCK -EA- Andrews County
08-08257 STATE WALKER "B" Pecos County
08-09988 FASKEN BLOCK -EE- A/C #2 Andrews County
08-101567 ARNO GAS UNIT Loving County
08-10549 ASHTON, NORA B. Andrews County
08-13440 UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-153475 PRUETT, T. B. ET AL GAS UNIT Ward County
08-15679 OLDS OIL UNIT #1 Reeves County
08-16086 MCCUTCHEN, W. A. Winkler County
08-16295 OLDHAM, IDA MAE, -D- Midland County
08-16363 EPLEY, L. B. Midland County
08-16417 OLDHAM, IDA MAE, -C- Midland County
08-16486 OLDHAM, IDA MAE, -B- Midland County
08-16487 MCADAMS, GARNER Martin County
08-16504 YATER, MILT Martin County
08-16690 OLDHAM, IDA MAE, -E- Midland County
08-17430 TXL-W Reeves County
08-20899 RANDOLPH -J- Reeves County
08-21018 JOHNSON, W. D. Loving County
08-22482 POLLARD CLEARFORK UNIT Pecos County
08-25839 UNIVERSITY "17-40" Ward County
08-26008 THAXTON Loving County
08-26625 SUTPHEN, R.L. Andrews County
08-28858 ELLWOOD RANCH 17-17 Mitchell County
08-29581 FLANAGAN Martin County
08-30405 SUTPHEN Andrews County
08-30436 HOWELL ESTATE Andrews County
08-31027 STANOLIND Glasscock County
08-31298 SLASH -K- Loving County
08-31303 SYNATSCHK -C- Midland County
08-31312 MABEE -F- Midland County
08-31314 SYNATSCHK -B- Midland County
08-31336 CRAWFORD -H- Midland County
08-31380 ELKIN "G" Midland County
08-31391 O'NEAL -D- Midland County
08-31822 SCHARBAUER, CLARENCE "34" Midland County
08-31828 MAURICE B Ector County
08-31845 COWDEN Martin County
08-31881 LAWYER Midland County
08-31918 CALVERLEY -B- Glasscock County
08-32073 COWDEN "A" Martin County
08-32083 CRESPI "M" Midland County
08-32090 MABEE "R" Martin County
08-32127 MAURICE, RESSIE Ector County
08-33743 REYNAUD Reeves County
08-35095 MCCUTCHEN, W.A. Winkler County
08-35101 SUTPHEN -A- Andrews County
08-35613 SULLIVAN UNIT Pecos County
08-35703 WHITE Pecos County
7C-018724 ELLIOTT, ARLESS -46- Reagan County
7C-06234 HUNT, FANNIE M. Reagan County
7C-07292 PROCTOR, LEONARD "F" Reagan County
7C-07343 PROCTOR, LEONARD "A" Glasscock County
7C-07626 HAM "B" Reagan County
7C-080021 OGDEN Schleicher County
7C-09387 BRANCH, ED Reagan County
7C-099610 BRANCH Reagan County
7C-10959 NOELKE "11" Reagan County
7C-11157 FRIEND "ST" 30A UNIT Reagan County
7C-11401 FRIEND "ST" A Reagan County
7C-13923 PAN AM Reagan County
7C-13924 RK EL PASO Reagan County
7C-152444 HELUMA (CISCO) UNIT NO. 1 Upton County
8A-04488 CLASSEN, W. J. Dawson County
8A-19401 RIETHMAYER, OTTO Dawson County
8A-66250 WATERS, F. M. Gaines County
8A-66378 DEVITT Terry County
8A-66451 DEVITT "B" Terry County
8A-66477 CANON "36" Borden County
8A-66525 CANON WHATLEY "25" Borden County
8A-66598 CANON-WHATLEY "37" Borden County
8A-66601 CANON-WHATLEY "24" Borden County
8A-66733 CARTER, A. T. Yoakum County
8A-66794 CARTER, A. T. -A- Yoakum County
8A-66876 SANTA FE ENERGY 809 Yoakum County
8A-66883 BRALLEY Yoakum County
8A-66914 CARTER, A. T. Yoakum County
8A-67137 DEVITT "A" Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Taurus Exploration U.S.A., Inc.