Texaco Producing Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texaco Producing Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Texaco Producing Inc.
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Leases Operated by Texaco Producing Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-048403 TEXAS STATE TRACT 117 Calhoun County
02-048647 STATE TRACT #117 Calhoun County
02-052078 WELDER - CLIBURN Victoria County
02-052409 SMAJSTRLA, GEORGE H. UNIT Victoria County
02-05286 POLIFKA, CHARLES Jackson County
02-053320 SMAJSTRLA, GEORGE H. UNIT Victoria County
02-053321 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-05455 MELMAR, VICTOR Lavaca County
02-05963 MATULA, ANTON J. Lavaca County
02-063139 EDLER, J. B. Bee County
03-09469 COBB, F. G. -A- Matagorda County
03-09487 MOORE ESTATE Matagorda County
03-09489 COBB, F. G. -B- Matagorda County
03-09503 RUGELEY, HENRY Matagorda County
03-09569 COBB, F. G. -C- Matagorda County
03-10350 MOORE ESTATE Matagorda County
03-106813 DUNCAN, F.B. ET AL Wharton County
03-115928 RUGELEY, HENRY Matagorda County
03-117953 GENITEMPO Colorado County
03-118375 BLACK, C. M. UNIT Burleson County
03-16257 COBB, F.G. "B" Matagorda County
03-16504 COBB, F.G. "B" Matagorda County
03-19615 COBB, F.G. "B" Matagorda County
03-19823 COBB, F.G. "B" Matagorda County
03-20367 COBB, F.G. -B- Matagorda County
04-010579 PRIDAY, Q. M. San Patricio County
04-041680 STATE TRACT 175 Aransas County
04-047917 TEXAS STATE TRACT 154 Aransas County
04-051509 TEXAS STATE TRACT 119 Aransas County
04-052899 MARTIN, J. C. Webb County
04-105107 GUERRA, A. E. Hidalgo County
04-105436 DIX RANCH Webb County
04-105796 TEXAS STATE TRACT 422 Nueces County
04-107478 GUARANTY TITLE & TRUST Nueces County
04-10888 TEXAS STATE TRACT 422 Nueces County
04-110205 GUERRA, A.E. Hidalgo County
04-112387 TEXAS STATE TRACT NO.200 Aransas County
04-112619 CHAPMAN, J. O. Nueces County
04-113163 GUERRA, A. E. Hidalgo County
04-114113 TEXAS STATE TRACT 422 Nueces County
05-02507 SCURLOCK, FRANKLIN "L" Freestone County
05-02515 SCURLOCK, FRANKLIN "G" Freestone County
05-02523 SCURLOCK, FRANKLIN "H" Freestone County
05-02524 SCURLOCK, FRANKLIN "K" Freestone County
05-02525 SCURLOCK, FRANKLIN "C" Freestone County
05-02546 WARE, G. W. "C" Anderson County
05-02611 WILLS, N. N. Anderson County
05-045636 BLOXOM M. D. Freestone County
05-086896 ARCO FEE Freestone County
05-089331 ANDERSON, J.E. Freestone County
08-019952 HALLEY, S. M. Winkler County
08-020317 CAMPBELL, SETH Winkler County
08-020354 CAMPBELL, SETH Winkler County
08-03069 CONNELL, W. E. NCT-7 Ector County
08-03090 CONNELL, W. E. NCT-7 Ector County
08-03119 CONNELL, H. E. & W. E. ETAL UNIT Ector County
08-034592 HALLEY, S. M. Winkler County
08-046770 HALLEY, S. M. Winkler County
08-046844 COLEMAN, BEULAH Midland County
08-04887 CONNELL, W. E. NCT-15 Ector County
08-24182 UNIVERSITY "K" Andrews County
08-26011 CONNELL, W. E. NCT -5- Ector County
08-26615 J. F. HATHAWAY Ward County
08-27195 JOHNSON, W.D. Ward County
08-28062 LETHCO NEAL Pecos County
08-28509 BEULAH COLEMAN Midland County
08-28726 SHACKELFORD, L.H. -4- Midland County
08-29219 CALVERLEY, N.R. -A- Glasscock County
08-29915 UNIVERSITY -27-19- Ward County
08-31161 UNIVERSITY -F- Andrews County
7C-02249 SHANNON ESTATE Crockett County
7C-037121 WEBSTER, ANGIE Schleicher County
7C-039716 WHITTEN, L. I. Schleicher County
7C-03999 AYCOCK, ERNEST Runnels County
7C-04667 WINTERBOTHAM -C- Irion County
7C-04925 WINTERBOTHAM -E- Tom Green County
7C-06732 WILDE, E. G. Reagan County
8A-05258 ATKINS RANCH UNIT Kent County
8A-14395 BAUERS, F. H., ESTATE Lubbock County
8A-14765 HORNE, O. C. Lubbock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texaco Producing Inc.