Texas Crude Operator, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texas Crude Operator, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Texas Crude Operator, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Texas Crude Operator, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-043449 WIGHT, L. E. Ector County
08-04559 JONES -35- Howard County
08-04560 JONES -36- Howard County
08-04561 VEAL -36- Howard County
08-06630 FASKEN -20- Midland County
08-14665 UNIVERSITY -F- Andrews County
08-14938 BOONE "44" Midland County
08-16955 FASKEN -17- Midland County
08-18773 SINCLAIR-CONNELL Ector County
08-20181 STATE-UNIVERSITY -123- Martin County
08-20280 STATE-UNIVERSITY -29- Martin County
08-20325 STATE-UNIVERSITY -28- Martin County
08-20400 BITLER-LOWE Andrews County
08-20540 BITLER-LOWE -B- Andrews County
08-22848 EDWARDS UNIT Ector County
08-26687 PARKER, ET AL Ector County
08-26749 PARKER, J. E. -A- Ector County
08-29730 WILLBANKS -17- Howard County
08-36688 FASKEN '101' Midland County
08-37137 FASKEN '101' Midland County
08-37278 FASKEN '101' Midland County
08-37587 FASKEN '101' Midland County
08-37671 FASKEN '18' Midland County
08-37699 FASKEN '8A' Midland County
08-37842 FASKEN '20A' Midland County
08-38027 FASKEN '20A' Midland County
10-031513 HOLMES Hansford County
7B-29254 MOORE '30' Nolan County
7B-29569 MOORE '30' Nolan County
7C-04585 HOLT Crockett County
7C-109403 VAUGHN "B" Crockett County
7C-13389 HOLT Crockett County
7C-14759 STEEN 1206 Schleicher County
7C-206150 VAUGHAN EST. '86' Crockett County
8A-04485 BRILEY Dawson County
8A-04490 CLASSEN Dawson County
8A-17152 THOMPSON Gaines County
8A-17272 CHILTON Gaines County
8A-17363 THOMPSON "A" Gaines County
8A-19385 CHILTON "B" Gaines County
8A-63923 MULLINS "107" Dawson County
8A-67238 TEX-SIN SWD Gaines County
8A-69071 CREWS '9' Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texas Crude Operator, Inc.