Texas Petroleum Investment Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texas Petroleum Investment Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Texas Petroleum Investment Co.
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Leases Operated by Texas Petroleum Investment Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01055 BAKER, A. J. Caldwell County
01-01056 BRANYON, W. Caldwell County
01-01060 BYRD, LEE FEE Caldwell County
01-01066 GIDEON, T. C. Caldwell County
01-01077 HARDEMAN, E. J. Caldwell County
01-01081 MARINES, L. Guadalupe County
01-01082 MCKEAN, A. J. & J. M. Guadalupe County
01-01086 MERCER, ALF Caldwell County
01-01089 MERCER, MILLS Caldwell County
01-01090 MERCER, W. F. Caldwell County
01-01092 MOORE, MAGGIE Caldwell County
01-01093 PROCTOR, G. W. Caldwell County
01-01096 RIOS, R. Caldwell County
01-01101 ROBERTS FEE Guadalupe County
01-01105 STAIR, O. F. Caldwell County
01-01107 TABOR, W. H. Caldwell County
01-01110 TRAMMELL, H. S. Caldwell County
01-02272 ALLEN, J. E. -B- Guadalupe County
01-02754 KNOBLOCH, C. Guadalupe County
01-02759 KNOBLOCH, C. -B- Guadalupe County
01-02775 ANDERSON, C. (CHEVRON) Guadalupe County
01-02777 DIX & MCKEAN C Guadalupe County
01-02778 DIX, THOMAS -C- Guadalupe County
01-02780 POSEY & BAKER (CHEVRON) Guadalupe County
01-02784 DENMAN -A- Guadalupe County
01-02785 DENMAN -C- Guadalupe County
01-02788 DIX-MCKEAN "B" UNIT Guadalupe County
01-02791 DIX, THOMAS 'A' Guadalupe County
01-02793 KLEIN, M. T. Guadalupe County
01-02796 KNOBLOCH, C. Guadalupe County
01-02797 ANDERSON, L. Guadalupe County
01-02799 KNOBLOCH A Guadalupe County
01-02800 KNOBLOCH B - Guadalupe County
01-02802 POSEY Guadalupe County
01-02805 WILLE, H. Guadalupe County
01-03671 ALLEN, J. E. -A- Guadalupe County
01-06323 MILLER, RAND Guadalupe County
01-14446 BAKER, A J 7 ST-H Guadalupe County
01-14452 PROCTOR, G W 3-H Caldwell County
01-14521 KNOBLOCH, C. -A- 05-H Guadalupe County
01-14575 BAKER, A.J. 14H Guadalupe County
01-14589 PROCTOR, G. W. 4-H Caldwell County
01-14592 BAKER, A.J. 12H Guadalupe County
01-14595 MERCER, W.F. 2H Caldwell County
01-14602 POSEY BAKER 3H Guadalupe County
01-14619 BAKER, A.J. 2HST Guadalupe County
01-14646 ANDERSON, C. 1H Guadalupe County
01-14683 DENMAN C 3H Guadalupe County
01-14684 WILSON, DALLAS 1H Guadalupe County
01-14685 GOLDEN MCKEAN 1H Guadalupe County
01-14978 H. WILLIE 2-H Guadalupe County
01-18254 DIX MCKEAN B 7H Guadalupe County
01-18344 ANDERSON UNIT Guadalupe County
01-19564 MERRIWEATHER Caldwell County
02-00849 FOUR-WAY RANCH Jackson County
02-00850 HAMILTON, J. H. Jackson County
02-00874 -L- RANCH CO. -A- Jackson County
02-00875 -L- RANCH CO. -B- Jackson County
02-00881 MITCHELL, MARY Jackson County
02-07487 JOHNSON, ELMER Jackson County
02-07784 FOUR WAY RANCH Jackson County
03-00076 GRIPON, H. A. A/C #1 Chambers County
03-00078 JOHNSON, C. G. A/C #1 Chambers County
03-00082 MIDDLETON, A. D. A/C #1 Chambers County
03-00085 MIDDLETON, A. D. A/C #4 Chambers County
03-00090 TYRRELL, W. C., TR. Chambers County
03-00095 ZAPPE, MARIE Chambers County
03-03929 T. T. CO. FEE Hardin County
03-04157 WOLTERS, R. A., ETAL Fort Bend County
03-06939 MIDDLETON, A. D., A/C #1 Chambers County
03-071057 PLEDGER GAS FIELD UNIT Brazoria County
03-11752 BROUSSARD, J.E. A/C#2 Chambers County
03-12539 MCFARLAND, ROBERT ET AL Brazoria County
03-18119 MIDDLETON, A.D. A/C 5 Chambers County
03-20022 ANAHUAC MAIN FRIO OIL UNIT Chambers County
03-20335 TEXACO FEE 4596 Hardin County
03-24664 BROUSSARD Chambers County
03-271066 SUN FEE Brazoria County
04-098179 STATE TRACT 689-A Nueces County
04-11329 DUVAL COUNTY RANCH CO. "K" Duval County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texas Petroleum Investment Co.