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Wells Operated By Threshold Development Company
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Leases Operated by Threshold Development Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-209253 ROLLING V RANCH E Wise County
08-073888 FRYAR, HARVEY Howard County
08-24400 WILKINSON Martin County
09-021360 DAVENPORT, H. Jack County
09-028908 FANCHER, L. O. Wise County
09-028914 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-028915 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-028917 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-028922 YATES, CAP Jack County
09-028925 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-03834 BURT, MYRTLE -B- Jack County
09-050306 YATES, CAP Jack County
09-051126 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-09737 YATES, I. G. Jack County
09-09793 FANCHER, L. O. Wise County
09-101619 YATES, I. G. Jack County
09-104628 FANCHER, L. O. Wise County
09-104631 CRAFT "A" Jack County
09-105256 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-105257 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-10815 BRANDT, A. E. -A- Wise County
09-109466 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-117057 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-147717 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-153229 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-158515 CRAFT "A" Jack County
09-164442 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-17154 CAP YATES Jack County
09-17747 WOOD Wise County
09-184175 VINSON FEE "A" Wise County
09-185120 VINSON FEE "B" Wise County
09-185121 VINSON FEE "B" Wise County
09-185315 VINSON FEE "B" Wise County
09-186275 VINSON FEE "C" Wise County
09-187161 NANCE, SONNY UNIT Tarrant County
09-187519 NANCE, SONNY UNIT Tarrant County
09-187520 NANCE, SONNY UNIT Tarrant County
09-188348 TODD, JO LERUE Wise County
09-188351 LIPSEY-TROXELL #1 UNIT Wise County
09-189707 VINSON FEE "C" Wise County
09-189708 VINSON FEE "H" Wise County
09-189709 HUDDLESTON TRUST Wise County
09-189710 VINSON FEE "E" Wise County
09-189711 VINSON FEE "D" Wise County
09-189712 HUDDLESTON TRUST Wise County
09-189713 VINSON FEE "E" Wise County
09-189714 VINSON FEE "E" Wise County
09-189715 VINSON FEE "G" Wise County
09-190402 VINSON FEE "G" Wise County
09-191430 HUDDLESTON TRUST Wise County
09-191431 HUDDLESTON TRUST Wise County
09-191439 VINSON FEE "H" Wise County
09-191440 VINSON FEE "G" Wise County
09-191441 VINSON FEE "F" Wise County
09-192185 VINSON FEE "E" Wise County
09-192186 VINSON FEE "E" Wise County
09-193158 VINSON FEE "G" Wise County
09-193194 VINSON FEE "G" Wise County
09-194052 VINSON FEE "G" Wise County
09-197339 TODD-VINSON Wise County
09-197348 VINSON FEE "H" Wise County
09-21179 YATES, I.G. Jack County
09-21766 REAGAN, DOROTHA Jack County
09-22230 QUIGLEY Jack County
09-24143 STEWART, ANNE C. Jack County
09-24165 FAYETTE YATES Jack County
09-244889 HUDDLESTON, PUP Wise County
09-28383 CAP YATES Wise County
09-29836 JOHNSON Jack County
09-29871 EMCO Jack County
09-30042 SCOTT-CAMPBELL "A" Archer County
09-30164 SEDILLO Jack County
09-30223 TURNER Jack County
09-30224 HENDERSON, MONROE Jack County
10-102781 RUPPRECHT, MAY Lipscomb County
8A-61237 STRAIN, L. A. "A" Mitchell County
8A-63410 SEIBER, E. H. Cochran County
8A-66931 STRAIN, L. A. Mitchell County
8A-68470 DOWNS, THELMA Hockley County
8A-68535 SEWELL Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Threshold Development Company