Trans Terra Corp., International Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Trans Terra Corp., International
Map of Wells Operated by Trans Terra Corp., International
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Leases Operated by Trans Terra Corp., International

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00034 TATE Carson County
10-00036 MARVIN Carson County
10-00038 JORDAN Carson County
10-00039 LEWIS Carson County
10-00123 BROWN, JORDAN (R) Carson County
10-00312 MERTEN Gray County
10-00388 DARSEY, R. E. Gray County
10-00404 SAILOR, MARTHA Gray County
10-00421 BARRETT Gray County
10-00422 BARRETT, C. S., -B- Gray County
10-00487 MYRT Gray County
10-00715 HOWARD Hutchinson County
10-00968 WATKINS Hutchinson County
10-00969 COLEMAN Hutchinson County
10-00972 RICHARDS Hutchinson County
10-01243 WEATHERLY Hutchinson County
10-01253 CHRISTIAN, NORTH Hutchinson County
10-01255 WHITTENBURG D & E Hutchinson County
10-01256 CLELL Hutchinson County
10-01257 HILL Hutchinson County
10-01258 WHITTENBURG -C- Hutchinson County
10-01259 WHITTENBURG -L- Hutchinson County
10-01261 STINNETT -C- Hutchinson County
10-01343 WEATHERLY FEE Hutchinson County
10-01344 WEATHERLY -B- Hutchinson County
10-01806 ARAM Hutchinson County
10-02027 EDDY Hutchinson County
10-023001 WARE Carson County
10-02338 BELLE -A- Hutchinson County
10-023663 STORM Moore County
10-024643 BURNETT -G- Carson County
10-024644 GLASS Gray County
10-024645 HAYNES -G- Carson County
10-024646 PERKINS -G- Carson County
10-024647 PROTHRO -G- Carson County
10-024648 WILLIAMS Gray County
10-02469 HILL Carson County
10-025689 JORDAN-BROWN Carson County
10-025746 BRYAN Carson County
10-025896 DARSEY, R. E. Gray County
10-02667 FOX Hutchinson County
10-02709 READ Gray County
10-02786 ONEAL Hutchinson County
10-02970 SOUTH PAMPA Gray County
10-03165 JACKSON Gray County
10-03971 ROXANA B Carson County
10-04564 RIEMER -A- Hutchinson County
10-05267 ALBERT Gray County
10-05362 DARLENE Carson County
10-05961 CITATION Moore County
10-06040 KEAHEY Gray County
10-06133 ROXANA A Carson County
10-06162 BECKY JANE Moore County
10-06445 TWO BAR RANCH Carson County
10-06791 LEDRICK Roberts County
10-06822 JORDAN-BROWN Carson County
10-06891 WILLIAMS Gray County
10-06892 LEDRICK (57) Roberts County
10-06927 LEDRICK 58 Roberts County
10-06970 KELLEY Gray County
10-06977 ARCHER Moore County
10-06978 MICKEY Roberts County
10-079390 CAITLIN Hemphill County
10-108753 CALCOTE, T. W. Wheeler County
10-132145 WEATHERLY FEE Hutchinson County
10-134217 COLEMAN Hutchinson County
10-134218 WATKINS Hutchinson County
10-134219 COLEMAN Hutchinson County
10-134220 COLEMAN Hutchinson County
10-134221 COLEMAN Hutchinson County
10-134222 COLEMAN Hutchinson County
10-134223 COLEMAN Hutchinson County
10-149426 LEDRICK Roberts County
10-151674 CAITLIN Hemphill County
10-154009 HEMPHILL Hemphill County

Drilling Permits Filed by Trans Terra Corp., International