Trio Consulting & Management,LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Trio Consulting & Management,LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Trio Consulting & Management,LLC
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Company Name:

P O BOX 209

(940) 767-2847

Leases Operated by Trio Consulting & Management,LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-09168 BUJNOCH-BENDER Lavaca County
02-11845 HAASE Lavaca County
02-207663 GERDES Lavaca County
02-216104 NEW-HENDERSON UNIT Lavaca County
02-233589 G.B.R.A. Goliad County
02-246334 WOLF-COWLING "A" Lavaca County
02-254215 GARNER Lavaca County
02-267873 BUJNOCH-HENDERSON Lavaca County
02-275698 KALLUS Lavaca County
02-275720 ZIEGLER A Lavaca County
02-283929 BUJNOCH-HEIRS Lavaca County
02-284951 WICK Lavaca County
02-287233 GRANBERRY Lavaca County
02-288695 GARNER Lavaca County
09-188367 KEW-PEACOCK Wise County
09-194032 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-194037 TETRA PAK Denton County
09-194288 BECKMAN Denton County
09-194305 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-196443 PIRTLE-NGUYEN Denton County
09-196478 LYNN, CATHY Denton County
09-197236 BECKMAN Denton County
09-197237 BECKMAN Denton County
09-197242 UNDERWOOD-BREEN Denton County
09-197243 HUDSON Denton County
09-197245 CONNELL UNIT Denton County
09-197262 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-197264 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-199128 LIZZY "J" Denton County
09-20345 COOK, LETHA Hardeman County
09-203599 DAVIS Denton County
09-205198 MEADOR-HAMMER Denton County
09-205440 MAYDAY-MASON UNIT Denton County
09-206852 MEREDITH Denton County
09-206874 GIBBS Denton County
09-208363 DENTON CJW Denton County
09-213303 CATES PARTNER UNIT Denton County
09-217173 HUDSON UNIT Denton County
09-217175 GOLDFIELD UNIT Denton County
09-220822 POINT VISTA UNIT Denton County
09-225995 HICKORY PARK UNIT Denton County
09-230176 MEADOR-HAMMER Denton County
09-231516 MCCLENDON Denton County
09-23285 POTTS, J. L. Hardeman County
09-233776 GREEN Denton County
09-23450 PALAURA-RAPP Hardeman County
09-236865 F. TAYLOR UNIT Denton County
09-250780 GOLDFIELD UNIT Denton County
09-26037 PARKER Hardeman County
09-27220 PARKER "B" UNIT Hardeman County
09-27830 WOFFORD Hardeman County
09-28157 MULKEY -A- Hardeman County
09-29774 NEAL RANCH Hardeman County
09-29903 PALAURA-HORSE FARM UNIT Hardeman County
09-30868 HUSE Hardeman County
09-31118 PARK UNIT Hardeman County
09-31159 STEPP 110 Hardeman County
09-31717 PARK XOG Hardeman County
09-31839 KNOWLES UNIT Hardeman County
09-32068 BALDWIN MGA Clay County
09-32205 AARON UNIT Hardeman County
09-32387 CATLIN-FRANKLIN Clay County
09-32388 LINDSEY UNIT Hardeman County
09-32811 SS-COLEMAN Clay County
09-32969 MASON-NELSON Hardeman County
09-33225 POOLE UNIT Hardeman County
09-33226 HENDRIX Hardeman County
09-33266 PALAURA BELL HEIRS-OLSON UNIT Hardeman County
09-33397 WAGGONER B Wilbarger County
09-33455 CATLIN-FRANKLIN Clay County
09-33648 WAGGONER Wilbarger County
09-33812 STACY Hardeman County
09-33888 FERGUSON ESTATE Hardeman County
09-33899 KING UNIT Hardeman County
09-33956 GILLESPIE Hardeman County
7B-112791 MCCLURE Palo Pinto County
7B-279781 CRAVENS Palo Pinto County
7B-31097 DYSINGER Throckmorton County
7C-15566 MALLET "85" Irion County
8A-69049 SCARBROUGH UNIT Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Trio Consulting & Management,LLC