Trivista Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Trivista Operating LLC
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PO BOX 569

(979) 366-2700

Leases Operated by Trivista Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-128498 HOFFMAN Bastrop County
03-128712 S&M ENERGY-DEAN STUESSY D Bastrop County
03-128872 HALBADIER Bastrop County
03-129017 STEINBACH -B- Bastrop County
03-129025 MEUTH Bastrop County
03-129301 COOK, B. M. Bastrop County
03-141295 GLONA, OTTO Lee County
03-142138 S&M ENERGY-DEAN STUESSY B Bastrop County
03-142358 RAMSEL-FALKE Bastrop County
03-143733 CARTER, GERTRUDE (TRUDY) Bastrop County
03-144161 GLOGER, M. J. Bastrop County
03-144347 WEISER A Lee County
03-19331 MOERBE, VICTOR #1 Lee County
03-19346 ARLDT, ERWIN E. Lee County
03-19352 STEWART Lee County
03-19354 DOMASCHK, LOUIS Lee County
03-19577 ROITSCH Lee County
03-19578 NOACK Lee County
03-19580 MILROSE-FISCHER Lee County
03-19582 LORENZ Lee County
03-19587 MENZEL Bastrop County
03-19589 WACHSMANN Lee County
03-19700 COOK "A" Bastrop County
03-19701 KASPER "B" Lee County
03-19714 WYNN, GUY N. JR. Bastrop County
03-19722 PETZOLD, M. "A" Bastrop County
03-19723 URBAN Bastrop County
03-19725 FISCHER, W.P. Lee County
03-19736 CONLEY Bastrop County
03-19812 9CHUELER Lee County
03-19881 BEHRENS, WILLARD Lee County
03-19882 CAMPBELL, THOMAS Bastrop County
03-19884 SNIDER, BERT Bastrop County
03-19885 PRINCETON LUCAS Lee County
03-19899 URBAN #2 Bastrop County
03-19900 ALBRECHT Lee County
03-19906 ECHO-WACHSMANN Lee County
03-20078 ACT RANCH Bastrop County
03-20100 STEINBACH #2 Bastrop County
03-20101 BARKER HEIRS #2 Bastrop County
03-20115 BEHRENS, M. Bastrop County
03-20120 S&M ENERGY-DEAN STUESSY C Bastrop County
03-20121 BEHRENS, ANGELYNE Bastrop County
03-20122 BEHRENS FAMILY Bastrop County
03-20134 COURTEMANCHE Bastrop County
03-20310 RUSSELL, J. L. Bastrop County
03-20314 KASPER Lee County
03-20315 WEISE, GILBERT Lee County
03-20325 MEUTH, BEN 1 & 1A Lee County
03-20333 FRIEBE, ISABEL H. Bastrop County
03-20368 ECHO-VEHRENKAMP Lee County
03-20400 WEISE "C" Lee County
03-20807 COOK, BRADEN "B" Lee County
03-20816 STEINBACH "D" Lee County
03-20835 STEINBACH "E" Bastrop County
03-20841 LOUISE Bastrop County
03-20864 ROITSCH -A- Lee County
03-20911 SPRETZ Lee County
03-21947 KELLY "C" Bastrop County
03-21952 DERNEHL #1-H Fayette County
03-21971 ACT RANCH "E" Bastrop County
03-22023 SAGO PETERS Lee County
03-22067 WILCOX 1A Fayette County
03-22084 GERSCH Lee County
03-22177 ACT RANCH Bastrop County
03-22463 MARQUIS #7 Lee County
03-22467 PETERS "C" Lee County
03-225313 STUESSY Bastrop County
03-225621 CARPENTER Bastrop County
03-22672 NOACK "B" Lee County
03-22673 STEGLICH "E" Bastrop County
03-22872 ACT RANCH "B" Bastrop County
03-26938 RANGER UNIT 8A3 Lee County
08-23176 MORRIS, W. R. Martin County
08-24046 UNIVERSITY "48" A Crane County
08-24397 UNIVERSITY "48" Crane County
08-26113 A. LLOYD Martin County
08-27040 NAIL "B-1" Martin County

Drilling Permits Filed by Trivista Operating LLC