TXP, Incorporated Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By TXP, Incorporated
Map of Wells Operated by TXP, Incorporated
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PO BOX 60245
SAN ANGELO, TX 76906-245

(325) 944-9894

Leases Operated by TXP, Incorporated

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-04211 DAVEY, M. A. Upton County
7C-035686 HENDERSON, R. L. Schleicher County
7C-038138 NOELKE, W. M. ESTATE Irion County
7C-040067 WILLIAMS Schleicher County
7C-044175 SCHRANK, CLEONE Schleicher County
7C-04421 TODD -17- Crockett County
7C-045383 BARROW Schleicher County
7C-046152 WILLIAMS ESTATE Schleicher County
7C-046425 WHITTEN, W. H. Schleicher County
7C-04888 WILLIAMS, PEARL Schleicher County
7C-04907 HENDERSON, R. L. Schleicher County
7C-053695 HENDERSON, R. L. Schleicher County
7C-054125 BARROW, GEO. A. EST Schleicher County
7C-05573 FIELD, J. W., ET AL Irion County
7C-05620 BARROW Schleicher County
7C-058937 CASE Schleicher County
7C-06023 WINTERBOTHAM Irion County
7C-062350 MURPHY, ANNIE Schleicher County
7C-07007 TULLOS Irion County
7C-074478 WHITTEN "A" Schleicher County
7C-07978 CASE Schleicher County
7C-081185 HENDERSON, R. L. Schleicher County
7C-08417 MCANGUS -107- Schleicher County
7C-088813 JONES "A" Schleicher County
7C-10424 MUNN-B "1125" Tom Green County
7C-10612 EDMISTON Schleicher County
7C-116008 WINTERBOTHAM "J" Irion County
7C-11716 WINTERBOTHAM -K- Irion County
7C-11877 WILLIAMS Irion County
7C-12181 MILLER REFOIL Crockett County
7C-13248 BUSH-THOMPSON 140 Schleicher County
7C-13795 BLOXOM Upton County
7C-140084 BARROW Schleicher County
7C-144085 WEST UNIT Schleicher County
7C-14699 UNIVERSITY 6-19 Reagan County
7C-14959 NOELKE, W. M. ESTATE Irion County
7C-15008 WINTERBOTHAM 781 Irion County
7C-15066 JONES Schleicher County
7C-15173 UNIVERSITY 7-18 Reagan County
7C-15356 SUGG-FARMAR "19" Irion County
7C-15846 M.B. NOELKE "2" Irion County
7C-15877 LOTTIE Upton County
7C-16076 SUGG-JANE TAYLOR "E" Irion County
7C-16104 SUGG "214" Irion County
7C-16219 SUGG "214" Irion County
7C-16288 SUGG "5A" Irion County
7C-16306 SUGG "7A" Irion County
7C-16318 SUGG "3A" Irion County
7C-16378 NOELKE/SUGG UNIT NO.1 Irion County
7C-16688 BINGHAM "22" Irion County
7C-17030 BINGHAM "22" Irion County
7C-17031 NOELKE "28W" Irion County
7C-17032 NOELKE "28" Irion County
7C-179200 WILLIAMS, PEARL "1203 B" Schleicher County
7C-17960 HARRIS Irion County
7C-18018 CAROE 8 Schleicher County
7C-186344 UNIVERSITY 6-6 Reagan County
7C-18781 HERMAN Irion County
7C-19220 YOCHAM, J.W. Schleicher County
7C-193910 CASE, H.J. "B" Schleicher County
7C-19712 OSTRANDER Irion County
7C-19713 OSTRANDER '3' Tom Green County
7C-19715 TULLOS 859 Irion County
7C-19717 DOROTHY FIELD Irion County
7C-19865 WILLIAMS Irion County
7C-19912 OSTRANDER 1802 Irion County
7C-20414 SUGG FARMAR "41B" Irion County
7C-20417 SUGG FARMAR "6" Irion County
7C-20418 SUGG FAMAR "5" Irion County
7C-205631 MONTGOMERY 4 Crockett County
7C-206241 PIERCE 1 Crockett County
7C-209264 UNIVERSITY "17" Schleicher County
7C-211550 SUGG "15" Irion County
7C-212952 MEADOR "A" Schleicher County
7C-224052 SUGG "2" Irion County
7C-224343 SUGG "2" Irion County
7C-232529 SUGG "3" Irion County
7C-232532 SUGG "69" Irion County
7C-276314 HARRIS Irion County
7C-276323 BARROW Schleicher County

Drilling Permits Filed by TXP, Incorporated