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Leases Operated by Union Gas Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15413 FOX CREEK RANCH "A" McMullen County
01-243119 FRANKLIN, MURRAY ESTATE McMullen County
02-033484 MARSHALL, F. O. Goliad County
02-033485 MARSHALL, F. O. Goliad County
02-053540 MARSHALL, F. O. Goliad County
02-09465 FOX CREEK RANCH "A" McMullen County
02-09609 DUBOSE Gonzales County
02-09692 DUBOSE Gonzales County
02-11437 BOLLAND RANCH Bee County
02-156619 COOPER-GARRETT DeWitt County
02-166826 MCMANUS, CARROLL DeWitt County
02-170197 CARROLL-MCMANUS 2 DeWitt County
02-171009 BERNICE KARL ET AL GU Lavaca County
02-171515 MATTHEWS Lavaca County
02-173808 STEINMANN ESTATE DeWitt County
02-174766 COOLEY M. E. Victoria County
02-176813 COLETO POINT Victoria County
02-177966 WATTS-GISLER Victoria County
02-178817 JACOB Goliad County
02-179397 DREYER, WILLIAM Victoria County
02-179765 DREYER, WILLIAM Victoria County
02-179892 COOLEY, M. E. Victoria County
02-180245 WARFIELD FRISBIE Goliad County
02-180502 COOLEY, M.E. Victoria County
02-180862 OHRT-HEINOLD Victoria County
02-180986 COOLEY, M. E. Victoria County
02-181425 OHRT-ALBRECHT Victoria County
02-184289 JACOB Goliad County
02-184320 LASSMAN, CHARLES A. ETUX Victoria County
02-184321 LONE STAR Victoria County
02-185702 ROBINSON-REAVES Goliad County
02-187607 HOFFMAN RANCH Goliad County
02-188866 ROUDON Goliad County
02-188952 DANFORTH Goliad County
02-193281 SEIFERT, EDWARD H. ET UX Goliad County
02-194166 EDWARD H. SEIFERT, ET UX Goliad County
02-194567 COOLEY, M. E. Victoria County
02-195043 HOFF, GEORGIA ET AL Goliad County
02-195302 BRANDT, STEPHEN K. Goliad County
02-195501 RAMSEY Goliad County
02-197435 CUNNINGHAM Goliad County
02-197470 NEESE Goliad County
02-198681 WINDBERG, DALHART Goliad County
02-199096 WINDBERG, DALHART Goliad County
02-200768 BAMMERT Goliad County
02-200771 GEORGIA HOFF, ET. AL. Goliad County
02-203160 HAUSMANN, ET. AL. Goliad County
02-203502 WATTS-GISLER Victoria County
02-203504 WATTS-GISLER Victoria County
02-206419 DREYER, WILLIAM Victoria County
02-249063 BETHKE Goliad County
02-266666 BETHKE Goliad County
03-196879 BP-FEE Hardin County
03-207707 NELSON, B. P. A-40 Hardin County
03-212071 PETTY GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-213822 PETTY Hardin County
03-216298 PETTY GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-216300 PETTY GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-227685 PETTY "A" #8 GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-227687 BP A-52 Hardin County
03-229099 PETTY Hardin County
03-229330 BP CASTILLO A-6 Jasper County
03-229610 ADJ MINERALS Jasper County
03-229622 PETTY Hardin County
03-229905 PETTY "A" #7 GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-230854 BP FEE A-6 Jasper County
03-233007 PARKER FORESTRY Hardin County
03-242125 PETTY "A" #8 GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-245856 BP STARK A-370 Newton County
03-24717 BP A-284 Jasper County
03-24782 BP RAFFERTY A-45 Hardin County
03-248058 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Newton County
03-249569 BP A-52 Hardin County
03-25080 RICE UNIVERSITY Hardin County
03-262639 PETTY Hardin County
03-265203 PETTY Hardin County
03-269145 PETTY C Hardin County
03-280322 PETTY C Hardin County
06-106502 HUGGINS Upshur County
06-114388 HUGGINS #1 Upshur County

Drilling Permits Filed by Union Gas Operating Company