Valence Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Valence Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Valence Operating Company
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KINGWOOD, TX 77339-2111

(281) 359-3659

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Leases Operated by Valence Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-16358 KUYKENDALL RANCH McMullen County
01-16390 JEANES Atascosa County
01-16632 GANN FESTERVAN Atascosa County
01-16728 MAHONEY UNIT McMullen County
01-16857 WALKER McMullen County
01-17633 PEARCE Atascosa County
01-17904 PFLUGER Atascosa County
01-19221 PC WEST UNIT Atascosa County
01-19238 PC EAST UNIT Atascosa County
03-09874 CORBETT Brazoria County
05-01941 GLOSSUP-BOWLING OIL UNIT Hopkins County
05-01956 CHANCE, B. E. HEIRS Hopkins County
05-04176 SCOTTISH RITE UNIT Wood County
05-04263 HUDIE MORGAN UNIT Wood County
05-04365 WHEELER UNIT Wood County
05-082303 RAWLS Freestone County
05-084484 WILLIAMS, LORENE D. Freestone County
05-175055 GILLEN, IRA Leon County
05-221710 BLACK Leon County
05-242941 BLACK Leon County
06-032922 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-04307 SHAMBURGER LAKE UNIT Smith County
06-049217 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-05990 HITTS LAKE UNIT Smith County
06-092525 PITTSBURG GAS UNIT 1 Camp County
06-15266 COWAN UNIT Smith County
06-15525 NED Henderson County
06-15528 SMU Smith County
06-15536 JONES Smith County
06-15543 ANDERSON Smith County
06-15557 COVINGTON Smith County
06-15688 CLAY Smith County
06-15691 THEDFORD Smith County
06-231384 PUGH Harrison County
06-235252 MARSHALL, T.E. Upshur County
06-240556 STERRETT Panola County
06-261827 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-265298 CRANFORD Nacogdoches County
06-268886 CARTHAGE GAS UNIT 17 Panola County
06-270319 CARTHAGE GAS UNIT 17 Panola County
06-270496 BROWN, ANNIE Rusk County
06-270794 CARTHAGE GAS UNIT 17 Panola County
06-271212 RAINWATER Rusk County
06-271985 CHILES Cherokee County
06-272628 CHILES Cherokee County
06-272645 CHILES G U B-1 Cherokee County
06-272646 CHILES G U B-1 Cherokee County
06-273051 CHILES G U B-1 Cherokee County
06-273099 CHILES Cherokee County
06-274179 KINGSTREE RANCH GAS UNIT 'C' Harrison County
06-274259 KINGSTREE RANCH GAS UNIT 'C' Harrison County
06-274260 KINGSTREE RANCH GAS UNIT 'C' Harrison County
06-275732 SHOULTS Harrison County
06-276496 MARTIN Harrison County
06-276636 J.W. WILTCHER GAS UNIT Panola County
06-276958 HARRIS, JAMES GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-277411 PELZ Harrison County
06-277597 ADAMS, W.T. Rusk County
06-279911 JORDAN Harrison County
06-279912 JORDAN Harrison County
06-279913 MARTIN HEIRS Harrison County
06-279925 MARTIN HEIRS Harrison County
06-280942 WHITE-THORNTON (ALLOCATION) Gregg County
06-281049 POOLE Smith County
06-281478 J. W. WILTCHER GAS UNIT Panola County
06-281537 THOMPSON Cherokee County
06-281841 LITTLEJOHN Smith County
06-282410 ROBERTSON, GEORGE Harrison County
06-282457 COLEMAN Panola County
06-282479 COLEMAN Panola County
06-282977 MOBLEY GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-282978 THELMA MOSLEY GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-283048 TUTT-GREER (ALLOC) Harrison County
06-284587 MCELROY Cherokee County
06-284783 BURNS-POOLE Cherokee County
06-284859 BURNS Cherokee County
06-285469 THELMA MOSLEY GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-285946 PBGM Smith County
06-285947 GARRETT HEIRS-GARRETT E Harrison County

Drilling Permits Filed by Valence Operating Company