Wallis Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Wallis Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Wallis Energy, Inc.
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P O BOX 750

(361) 882-2050

Leases Operated by Wallis Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04184 CONN-NOAH UNIT Dimmit County
01-04236 WICKHAM, J. E. Dimmit County
01-04628 ENCINO VIEJO RANCH Zavala County
01-06811 WICKHAM, J. E. Dimmit County
01-10771 TABOR, ELSIE M. Atascosa County
02-02436 HYNES, JAMIE Refugio County
02-063138 LAMBERT, J. A. Refugio County
02-06344 HEINRICH, HENRY Victoria County
02-06434 BOX, B.A. Bee County
02-064959 ROOKE, P. H. Refugio County
02-06557 CRYER, JULIA B. ET AL Bee County
02-066561 LAMBERT, J. A. Refugio County
02-07456 HEINRICH-HORADAM UNIT Victoria County
02-07466 HOGAN UNIT Victoria County
02-07840 HARTZENDORF EST. Bee County
02-07880 ROCHE, KATHLEEN D. Refugio County
02-07934 MCNEILL Live Oak County
02-07988 RIPPSTEIN Live Oak County
02-08467 JACOBS, L. "A" Live Oak County
02-09076 BUZZARD Bee County
02-125765 CAMERON Bee County
02-230673 WEARDEN Jackson County
02-250697 LARAKERS UNIT Bee County
02-251052 WEARDEN B Jackson County
02-251053 WEARDEN B Jackson County
02-252941 DANA Jackson County
03-177604 RUNNELLS Matagorda County
03-184031 DAVIS Wharton County
03-187995 CINCO RANCH 190 Fort Bend County
03-210906 HUTCHINS-PEARESON Wharton County
03-25590 TANTON Hardin County
04-00771 EWING -C- San Patricio County
04-00772 EWING -F- San Patricio County
04-00849 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE Aransas County
04-010283 STATE OF TEXAS TR. 11 Hidalgo County
04-02130 HUNT, J. M. San Patricio County
04-050953 TIJERINA UNIT -A- Hidalgo County
04-056752 WORDEN-DROUGHT Duval County
04-058636 PEREZ,AMADO Webb County
04-058654 PEREZ, AMADO Webb County
04-06326 FULTON BEACH /C SAND/ UNIT Aransas County
04-07863 PEREZ, AMADO Webb County
04-07986 PEREZ "A" UNIT Webb County
04-08070 D. C. R. C. Duval County
04-08236 RAMBO, D. L. San Patricio County
04-08334 DINN, ELVA L. Webb County
04-08887 PEREZ, AMADO Webb County
04-089702 HESTER GAS UNIT NO. 1 San Patricio County
04-09281 EWING -G- San Patricio County
04-09978 DIX, THOMAS San Patricio County
04-101040 MCNEILL, LAURIE Jim Wells County
04-103961 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE Aransas County
04-11134 DROUGHT, KATHLEEN L. Duval County
04-11452 DROUGHT, K.L. Duval County
04-12401 TEX-MEX RR CO. OIL UNIT "A" Nueces County
04-125690 STATE-MARSHALL Brooks County
04-125734 HUNT, J.M. San Patricio County
04-12718 D.C.R.C. Duval County
04-130338 MARTINEZ, ADAMI Duval County
04-13186 WEIL "B" Duval County
04-13226 FULTON BEACH #5 Aransas County
04-133959 STATE-MARSHALL Brooks County
04-134807 ROCHE, K.D. "E" Refugio County
04-13515 SIMS San Patricio County
04-13568 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE Aransas County
04-13702 BEVLY San Patricio County
04-13903 PEREZ, AMADO
04-13904 PEREZ, AMADO Webb County
04-13969 HUNT, J.M. San Patricio County
04-14054 CABLA Nueces County
04-14056 SPENCER-KENT-CRANE Aransas County
04-181377 PHILLIPS ET AL UNIT San Patricio County
04-193540 BLOSSMAN, ET AL GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-198754 BLOSSMAN ET AL GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-248558 SPENCER KENT CRANE Aransas County
05-049015 PARSONS, F. B. Limestone County
05-117601 ROARK GAS UNIT Limestone County
06-183207 ROBERTSON, BYRDIE Anderson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Wallis Energy, Inc.