Welder Exploration & Prod., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Welder Exploration & Prod., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Welder Exploration & Prod., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Welder Exploration & Prod., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-01738 DAVIS, NONA BERRY Bee County
02-01739 EDLER, J. B. Bee County
02-06557 CRYER, JULIA B. ET AL Bee County
02-07085 EDLER, J. B. Bee County
02-08202 EVANS, M. D. Bee County
02-08539 LEWIS RANCH Bee County
02-08645 SCHAUER Bee County
02-08812 MCNEIL "D" Live Oak County
02-09076 BUZZARD Bee County
02-09261 LAY Live Oak County
02-09580 EDLER, J.B. Bee County
02-09581 PARKER HEIRS Live Oak County
02-09681 IANTHA RUTLEDGE Live Oak County
02-09687 LFW Live Oak County
02-09698 RAMIRENA CREEK UNIT Live Oak County
02-10327 LAKEHOUSE UNIT Live Oak County
02-10471 DAVIS, NONA BERRY Bee County
02-10719 PAGE, GLADYS Bee County
02-10806 SOUTHERN STATES Bee County
02-108202 HOLT, A. G. Bee County
02-10935 O'NEIL-DOBBS Bee County
02-11128 SARGENT Live Oak County
02-176319 PETTUS Goliad County
02-176337 DAVIS, N. B. Bee County
02-184646 BEASLEY Bee County
02-198773 NEEL UNIT Karnes County
02-201724 ENCINA Goliad County
02-203164 T. L. G. Goliad County
02-225504 O'BRIEN RANCH Bee County
02-225506 O'BRIEN RANCH Bee County
02-226046 KNIGHT RANCH Bee County
02-227686 ENCINA Goliad County
02-229951 SOLEBURST Goliad County
02-230267 FOSTER Bee County
02-240441 EDLER, J. B. Bee County
02-240762 KNIGHT RANCH Bee County
02-242641 WALSTON-PETTUS A Goliad County
02-244405 HINTON Live Oak County
02-244756 KNIGHT RANCH Bee County
02-247162 OAKVILLE-HINTON G.U. Live Oak County
02-248476 DAVIS, NONA BERRY Bee County
02-252954 DAVIS, NONA BERRY Bee County
02-253255 DAVIS, NONA BERRY Bee County
02-255296 M&P RANCH LLC Live Oak County
02-256072 MARY ALICE JONES Live Oak County
02-256149 GILLIGAN Live Oak County
02-258955 EDLER, J.B. Bee County
02-259320 EDLER, J.B. Bee County
02-262208 DAVIS, NONA BERRY Bee County
02-262984 GILLIGAN Live Oak County
02-263804 T.L.G. Goliad County
02-264283 EVANS Bee County
02-265526 SOUTHERN STATES Bee County
02-269854 EVANS Bee County
02-270484 EDLER, J. B. Bee County
02-270857 EDLER, J. B. Bee County
02-272581 KRAUSE Bee County
02-272901 ORR Bee County
02-284422 COFFIN-SARGENT UNIT Live Oak County
03-02823 PUTNAM, J. B. Wharton County
04-02130 HUNT, J. M. San Patricio County
04-04626 SAENZ Starr County
04-08236 RAMBO, D. L. San Patricio County
04-10778 PEREZ-DUERKSON UNIT Jim Wells County
04-10807 GARCIA, MACLOVIO HEIRS Jim Wells County
04-11238 KIBBE-MOOS, ANNA Duval County
04-126651 SEELIGSON, A.A. -A- Jim Wells County
04-13937 WELDER EFH San Patricio County
04-13969 HUNT, J.M. San Patricio County
04-14080 MAUCH-ANGELINE UNIT B San Patricio County
04-14081 MAUCH-ANGELINE UNIT A San Patricio County
04-14082 ANGELINE San Patricio County
04-14085 MAUCH San Patricio County
04-181377 PHILLIPS ET AL UNIT San Patricio County
04-217209 WOODS CHRISTIAN Hidalgo County
04-218268 CASAS Hidalgo County
04-225848 VERA TRUST Duval County
04-231273 VERA TRUST Duval County
04-283841 MORGAN-SUNRAY Duval County

Drilling Permits Filed by Welder Exploration & Prod., Inc.