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Leases Operated by White Oak Operating Company LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00118 BURNS, JANE Frio County
01-00123 THOMPSON, WEBB -B- Frio County
01-10316 MATOCHA McMullen County
01-10458 TEAL -P- McMullen County
02-05654 STEVENS, DOROTHY E. Lavaca County
02-06271 MELNAR, LILLIE Lavaca County
02-087617 MELNAR, FRED ESTATE Lavaca County
02-09367 L RANCH D UNIT Jackson County
02-09412 L RANCH D UNIT Jackson County
02-176813 COLETO POINT Victoria County
02-178817 JACOB Goliad County
02-180502 COOLEY, M.E. Victoria County
02-208012 WEISE, FRITZ Goliad County
02-208595 MEIDER SU Live Oak County
02-215103 HEARD, C.E. "B" Bee County
02-223240 MELNAR, FRED ESTATE Lavaca County
02-230418 C.E. HEARD "B" Bee County
02-230422 HEARD, C. E. "B" Bee County
02-232108 O'CONNOR RANCH Goliad County
02-235537 PARMA Goliad County
02-235582 WEISE, FRITZ GU "A" Goliad County
02-235984 HEARD, C. E. "B" Bee County
02-235987 HEARD, C.E. "B" Bee County
02-236999 WEISE, FRITZ Goliad County
02-238153 GOEHRING, ROBERT F. Goliad County
03-02719 BALDWIN, J. C. FEE -A- NCT-1 Liberty County
03-02722 DAVIS, WIRT EST. -B- O/A Liberty County
03-02881 FRANZ, J. H. Wharton County
03-02899 COCKBURN, H. C. Wharton County
03-03261 HAGER, GULF LEE FEE Orange County
03-04627 KIRBY OIL & GAS CO. O/A Chambers County
03-050817 BOULDIN, F. V. Matagorda County
03-05344 WELDER, W. D. Liberty County
03-09880 BOULDIN, FLORENCE V. -B- Matagorda County
03-110517 ARMSTRONG GAS UNIT Orange County
03-127227 ARCO FEE DIAMOND Jasper County
03-160513 BAHR INTEREST ET AL UNIT Harris County
03-163503 CHINA TOWNSITE UNIT Jefferson County
03-188104 O'BRIEN Jefferson County
03-19559 FORCE, E.J. UNIT Brazoria County
03-197764 THOMASSON, SADIE E. Matagorda County
03-201531 GEMINI UNIT Hardin County
03-201733 WINTERMANN Wharton County
03-20591 MIXSON GAS UNIT Jasper County
03-21158 RIVERSIDE CAMPUS Brazos County
03-216314 BP AMERICA A-38 Hardin County
03-226692 BABY RUTH Harris County
03-22849 PAUL L. DUDAKE UNIT H-1 Brazos County
03-23102 WHALEY, BESSIE Chambers County
03-23594 E. J. FORCE UNIT Brazoria County
03-237668 COCKBURN DEEP FRIO UNIT NO. 1 Wharton County
03-24600 STEWART, MACO A Galveston County
03-25056 COCKBURN, H.C. Wharton County
03-26110 COCKBURN DEEP FRIO UNIT NO. 1 Wharton County
03-262727 DOBERMAN UNIT Liberty County
03-273703 COCKBURN, H.C. Wharton County
04-041927 GROOS NATIONAL BANK Starr County
04-09832 MCLEAN, MARRS Starr County
04-135529 ROTTERSMAN Webb County
04-136826 WRIGHT HILL Hidalgo County
04-168431 BRUNI MINERAL TRUST NORTH TR "A" Webb County
04-170306 BRUNI MINERAL TRUST NORTH TR "A" Webb County
04-171959 SCHWARZ, E. H. Webb County
04-173497 ROTTERSMAN Webb County
04-191689 GUERRA "C" Hidalgo County
04-208857 GUERRA "C" Hidalgo County
04-222820 SOUTH CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-223235 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-229034 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-233101 PALO BLANCO GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-235203 CLEOPATRA Starr County
04-241683 HILL Starr County
04-251030 RUSSELL-WINCH Webb County
04-270826 WEBB COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Webb County
08-02531 SUN-WALTON Winkler County
08-02556 HENDRICK, IDA Winkler County
08-043493 WOLFE UNIT Winkler County
08-35477 WOLFE UNIT Winkler County
09-29232 JAMES (CADDO) UNIT Young County
09-29235 SECTION 606 "A" Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by White Oak Operating Company LLC