Winchester Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Winchester Production Company
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Leases Operated by Winchester Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-017255 FROST LUMBER CO. Harrison County
06-105314 SANDERS "A" Harrison County
06-10861 HUMBLE CAMP "A" Titus County
06-11442 ABNEY, R. K. Harrison County
06-115042 NORTH JONESVILLE "B" Harrison County
06-11556 ALLDAY, M. Harrison County
06-11583 AGURS, W. C. Panola County
06-12005 PRYOR Harrison County
06-12190 JONESVILLE Harrison County
06-12304 WEEKS, C. Harrison County
06-124935 MITCHELL Harrison County
06-125770 SHELBURN Harrison County
06-12826 STEELE Harrison County
06-12950 JOBE Harrison County
06-129556 RUDD Harrison County
06-130972 ABNEY-O'BANION Harrison County
06-136230 STEELE Harrison County
06-13771 RUDD "E" Harrison County
06-13772 RUDD "C" Harrison County
06-14063 MHS-VANCE Harrison County
06-14150 KNIGHTON Harrison County
06-141856 MASSINGALE, JAMES Harrison County
06-14192 NARRAMORE Harrison County
06-14206 JONESVILLE "A" Harrison County
06-14271 NORTH JONESVILLE "B" Harrison County
06-14277 ABNEY, R. K. Harrison County
06-14310 MCELROY HEIRS Harrison County
06-14311 NARRAMORE Harrison County
06-166638 HAMILTON Harrison County
06-169326 RUDD Harrison County
06-185654 NARRAMORE Harrison County
06-189273 DAVIS, VERA M. GAS UNIT Panola County
06-190226 JONESVILLE "A" Harrison County
06-190675 MHS-WELLS Panola County
06-190888 NARRAMORE Harrison County
06-191676 CHADWICK Panola County
06-195570 SEMPRA Panola County
06-197913 KNIGHTON "C" Harrison County
06-197999 SEMPRA Panola County
06-198332 ABNEY, R.K. Harrison County
06-198632 JOBE Harrison County
06-198751 JONESVILLE Harrison County
06-199596 JONESVILLE "A" Harrison County
06-199763 BURNETT Panola County
06-200845 BOWLES Panola County
06-202061 CURRIE Harrison County
06-203192 CURRIE Harrison County
06-211070 SEMPRA Panola County
06-225959 NARRAMORE Harrison County
09-162592 ZORNS, T. H. UNIT Wise County
09-170395 NORTH Wise County
09-171049 ZORNS, T. H. UNIT Wise County
09-172000 CARTER, B. S. JR. Wise County
09-174496 COCANOUGHER, CHARLES Wise County
09-175744 NORTH Wise County
09-179321 JONES Denton County
09-180971 RANGE Denton County
09-180972 RANGE "A" Denton County
09-182217 BLAIR Tarrant County
09-186335 CORINTH CHURCH Wise County
09-186483 RANGE "A" Denton County
09-187856 BLAIR Tarrant County
09-187860 COLE TRUST STONY Denton County
09-187862 CORINTH CHURCH Wise County
09-188536 COLE TRUST STONY Denton County
09-190336 RANGE "A" Denton County
09-191608 RANGE"A" Denton County
09-196087 SAMPSON, JACK Tarrant County
09-196488 RANGE Denton County
09-198843 ZORNS, T. H. UNIT Wise County
09-199074 SAMPSON, JACK Tarrant County
09-199446 TURNER "C" Denton County
09-199450 TURNER "C" Denton County
09-199454 TALLY, CURTIS Denton County
09-199481 WAGGONER, CRYSTELLE Wise County
09-201050 SKINNER, JOE Wise County
09-202460 UNION CENTRAL 3 Denton County
09-202950 RANGE "A" Denton County
09-203605 PETERSON "B" Denton County
09-205116 SEXTON Denton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Winchester Production Company