Wiser Oil Company, The Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Wiser Oil Company, The
Map of Wells Operated by Wiser Oil Company, The
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Leases Operated by Wiser Oil Company, The

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-07426 MURPHY "C" Bee County
02-08604 ROCHE Refugio County
02-08629 WELDER "Q" Refugio County
02-08636 WELDER "D" Refugio County
02-08852 WELDER "C" Refugio County
02-128350 HYNES, JAMES AGNES Bee County
02-129347 HYNES, JAMES AGNES Bee County
02-156863 WELDER Refugio County
02-164448 WELDER "H" Refugio County
02-165399 WELDER "G" Refugio County
02-165430 WELDER "C" Refugio County
02-166376 SHAY "D" Refugio County
02-166380 WELDER C Refugio County
02-166872 VINCENT"I" Refugio County
02-171745 WELDER 'D' Refugio County
02-172720 WELDER "C" Refugio County
02-173005 VINCENT "A" Refugio County
02-173233 SHAY "B" Refugio County
02-174393 VINCENT "I" Refugio County
02-175282 ROCHE Refugio County
05-133364 OAKES, PAT GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-135483 BEDDINGFIELD GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-137929 WHITAKER, HUGH D. GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-141541 WALDRIP, MELVIN GAS UNIT Freestone County
08-040630 MONSANTO-MCKELLAR UNIT Reeves County
08-042561 STATE-DUDLEY-RUDMAN UNIT Reeves County
08-044778 LASATER Ward County
08-044899 GOLENTERNEK-RUDMAN UNIT Reeves County
08-045340 GOLENTERNEK-RUDMAN UNIT Reeves County
08-091394 JOHNSON, W. D. ET AL "C" UNIT Loving County
08-096072 FORTUNE UNIT Reeves County
08-104869 FORTUNE UNIT Reeves County
08-172305 CHRISTOPHER Loving County
08-189887 J. LOGAN ABERNATHY UNIT Loving County
08-28287 JOHNSON, W.D. ET AL -E- Loving County
08-28495 JOHNSON, W. D. "22-S" Loving County
08-28612 ABERNATHY, J. LOGAN B 28N Loving County
08-28884 SAMEDAN-STATE Crane County
08-29478 JOHNSON, W.D. JR. "D" Loving County
08-30056 JOHNSON, W. D. 26-S Loving County
08-33111 GOLENTERNEK - RUDMAN "B" Reeves County
08-33948 GLORY Borden County
08-34178 O'DANIEL RANCH "A" Howard County
08-34223 O'DANIEL RANCH Howard County
08-34517 O'DANIEL RANCH "B" Howard County
08-34826 JOHNSON, W. D. 26-S Loving County
08-35007 JOHNSON, W.D. "L" Loving County
08-35019 JOHNSON, W. D. "F" Loving County
08-35317 JOHNSON, W. D. ET AL -D- Loving County
08-35387 JOHNSON, W. D. -34N- Loving County
08-35870 LACY ET AL UNIT Loving County
09-00698 WILSON, L. F. -A- Archer County
09-01621 ALCORN, J. Clay County
09-15167 DEWEBER, O. Clay County
09-15187 GIFFORD, C. R., -C- Clay County
09-15188 SCOTT, ROSCOE, -C- Jack County
09-15249 SCOTT, LOWELL Clay County
09-15302 SHIPP, J. G., -A- Clay County
09-15368 GIFFORD, C. R., -C- Clay County
09-16139 BRAMAN, P. H. Montague County
09-16141 LANGFORD, J. T. Montague County
09-18367 BRAMAN, P. H. Montague County
09-25090 GIFFORD, C. R. "B" Clay County
09-25118 J-G UNIT Clay County
09-25583 JOHNSON, S. D. Archer County
09-26120 GIFFORD "C" Clay County
09-26363 PHILLIPS MOSS Archer County
09-26370 PHILLIPS-MOSS Archer County
09-27432 LANGFORD, J.T. Montague County
09-27443 BRAMAN, P.H. Montague County
7B-24760 HEAD-JOHNSON Haskell County
7C-12728 JACOBY "C" Concho County
7C-12779 JACOBY "F" Concho County
7C-12794 JACOBY "A" Concho County
7C-12897 JACOBY "E" Concho County
7C-12961 JACOBY "B" Concho County
7C-13071 JACOBY "B" Concho County
7C-13186 JACOBY A Concho County
7C-13485 JACOBY A Concho County
8A-62337 WELLMAN UNIT Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Wiser Oil Company, The