WPX Energy Gulf Coast, LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By WPX Energy Gulf Coast, LP
Map of Wells Operated by WPX Energy Gulf Coast, LP
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Leases Operated by WPX Energy Gulf Coast, LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-214522 CLEMENS Parker County
09-215322 BRIDGES Wise County
09-215699 COFFEE, ROY C. Wise County
09-224774 MUNSON Denton County
09-225397 MUNSON Denton County
09-228247 CLEVELAND W Wise County
09-230668 DALTON - MILLER Parker County
09-231572 VINEWOOD Johnson County
09-233026 BLAYLOCK Hood County
09-233122 MUNSON Denton County
09-233388 CLEVELAND Johnson County
09-235593 SAM WILSON Denton County
09-236996 SAM WILSON D UNIT Denton County
09-236998 WALLING Denton County
09-237369 DALTON - MILLER Parker County
09-237663 PEGUES Wise County
09-237674 BUCHANAN Wise County
09-238332 PORTER Hood County
09-239258 MUNSON Denton County
09-239268 HOLT, PATTY JANE Wise County
09-239270 MUNSON Denton County
09-239273 MUNSON Denton County
09-239275 HOLT, PATTY JANE Wise County
09-239280 CROUCH DAIRY Johnson County
09-239281 CROUCH DAIRY Johnson County
09-240188 CLEVELAND Johnson County
09-240757 WHORTON Wise County
09-241046 PEGUES Wise County
09-243474 MANIS Johnson County
09-243646 CROUCH FARM UNIT Johnson County
09-243647 CROUCH FARM UNIT Johnson County
09-244028 OAK VALLEY Johnson County
09-244293 WHORTON Wise County
09-245318 WHORTON Wise County
09-246373 WHORTON Wise County
09-246508 CROUCH DAIRY Johnson County
09-246735 ODR UNIT Parker County
09-246736 ODR UNIT Parker County
09-247314 DOTSON Johnson County
09-248933 BURLESON BIBLE CHURCH Johnson County
09-248944 BURLESON BIBLE CHURCH Johnson County
09-249504 BURLESON BIBLE CHURCH Johnson County
09-249894 OAK VALLEY Johnson County
09-249935 OAK VALLEY Johnson County
09-250499 BRANSOM SOUTH Johnson County
09-250504 BRANSOM SOUTH Johnson County
09-251069 CROUCH DAIRY UNIT Johnson County
09-252588 BUCHANAN Wise County
09-252593 DUCKETT Johnson County
09-252596 DUCKETT Johnson County
09-252597 DUCKETT Johnson County
09-253030 SAM WILSON B UNIT Denton County
09-253192 VINEWOOD Johnson County
09-253194 VINEWOOD Johnson County
09-253759 CHILDERS A Wise County
09-253850 SAM WILSON A UNIT Denton County
09-253966 SAM WILSON C UNIT Denton County
09-254498 CHILDERS Wise County
09-256105 FOREST RIDGE Johnson County
09-256130 FOREST RIDGE Johnson County
09-256444 HELTON UNIT B Hood County
09-258443 GOLDSMITH Johnson County
09-258608 GOLDSMITH Johnson County
09-258950 RICE RANCH UNIT B Denton County
09-259362 RICE RANCH UNIT Denton County
09-260247 CHILDERS A Wise County
09-260291 ACE UNIT A Denton County
09-260292 DR. BOB SMITH B EAST Denton County
09-260298 DR. BOB SMITH C EAST Denton County
09-260335 DR. BOB SMITH C WEST Denton County
09-260525 ACE UNIT D Denton County
09-263102 CLEMENS Parker County
09-263259 CLEMENS Parker County
09-264061 CHEN UNIT A Denton County
09-264062 CHEN UNIT A Denton County
09-264063 ACE UNIT B Denton County
09-264064 CHEN UNIT B Denton County
09-264065 ACE UNIT C Denton County
09-264068 CHEN UNIT B Denton County
09-264069 COBB UNIT Denton County

Drilling Permits Filed by WPX Energy Gulf Coast, LP