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Wells Operated By Xog Operating LLC
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PO BOX 352

(432) 683-3171

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Leases Operated by Xog Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07047 OCKER, D.A. & R.L Wilson County
01-075507 MAVERICK COUNTY WATER BOARD Maverick County
01-075783 MAVERICK COUNTY Maverick County
01-075785 MAVERICK COUNTY Maverick County
01-076702 TURNEY-WINN EXPLORATION CO., INC Maverick County
01-079021 TURNEY-WINN EXPLORATION CO., INC Maverick County
01-080425 TURNER-WINN EXPLORATION CO., INC Maverick County
01-111684 COOPER, J. L. Maverick County
01-12057 MOLNOSKEY, JOE Gonzales County
01-13153 PENA Wilson County
01-147923 CPL Maverick County
01-171076 LEDDY Maverick County
02-03186 COOK, J. G. Calhoun County
02-06420 WELDER D Calhoun County
02-07499 COOK, J.G. Calhoun County
02-11433 JOHNSON GAS UNIT Victoria County
04-13471 MATULA 1R San Patricio County
04-256359 J-BAR Jim Wells County
04-284310 J-BAR Jim Wells County
08-02898 DAVIS, J. P. HEIRS -B- Howard County
08-02899 JONES, PERCY -A- Howard County
08-02906 JONES, PERCY Howard County
08-02907 TEXAS LAND & MORTGAGE CO. Howard County
08-04153 DAY Crane County
08-064175 HARDIN-STATE Reeves County
08-079728 STATE Reeves County
08-09631 BADE -B- Sterling County
08-10075 DENTON & JONES Crane County
08-13738 GOLDSMITH HOLT UNIT Ector County
08-14616 FOSTER, W. L., ESTATE Mitchell County
08-16071 MCKENNEY, T. L. Mitchell County
08-16625 MCKENNEY, T. L. -B- Mitchell County
08-17052 MITCHELL -B- FEE Mitchell County
08-17470 MCKENNEY, T. L. -A- Mitchell County
08-17788 MCKENNEY, T. L. -C- Mitchell County
08-20450 MCKENNEY, T. L. -D- Mitchell County
08-213207 CAPPS FARMS Midland County
08-24147 MCKENNEY, T.L. "E" Mitchell County
08-30931 PARKER, J. E. -D- Andrews County
08-39114 UNIVERSITY 6-47 B Andrews County
08-42162 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS 42 Andrews County
08-42366 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS 8 Andrews County
08-44664 PENN, R. C. Midland County
7B-25232 ALEXANDER Brown County
7C-00849 CORDOVA-UNION Upton County
7C-00854 ELDER, DAVE "B" Upton County
7C-00908 ELDER, DAVE -D- Upton County
7C-00914 BAKER, M. L. Upton County
7C-00931 ELDER, DAVE "E" Upton County
7C-00937 ELDER, DAVE "F" Upton County
7C-00941 ESTEP Upton County
7C-00948 BAKER -A- Upton County
7C-00949 BAKER -B- Upton County
7C-02500 FORRISTALL -B- Crockett County
7C-03594 BAKER-ELDER UNIT Upton County
7C-04538 LANE, J. F. -E- Upton County
7C-075303 HUNT, JAMES 69 Sutton County
7C-09966 SCOTT Reagan County
7C-10502 SCHELLHORN "D" Upton County
7C-10721 SCHELLHORN "B" Upton County
7C-12201 DAVIES ESTATE Upton County
7C-14495 MCCAMEY UNIT Upton County
7C-14817 KING, J.H. Upton County
7C-158901 BARNET, ROSA "B" Upton County
7C-16560 WILSON O Upton County
7C-17742 UNIVERSITY REAGAN 27 Reagan County
7C-17880 UNIVERSITY REAGAN 4 Reagan County
7C-185803 WALLACE, D. 74 Sutton County
7C-18833 DAVIS, L. Upton County
7C-216062 FRAZIER, JOE Sutton County
7C-216798 FRAZIER, JOE Sutton County
7C-220972 CASSIUS CLAY Sutton County
7C-220975 CASSIUS CLAY Sutton County
7C-223351 CASSIUS CLAY Sutton County
7C-226414 PATTERSON, FLOYD Sutton County
7C-227315 PATTERSON, FLOYD Sutton County
8A-02664 BOEDEKER Borden County
8A-06091 LUCAS, G. B. Hockley County
8A-17040 JONES, E. H. "E" Gaines County
8A-62077 SESSAU Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Xog Operating LLC