Zaf Oil Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Zaf Oil
Map of Wells Operated by Zaf Oil
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Leases Operated by Zaf Oil

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00307 RAMZINSKI, JOHN Bexar County
01-00833 BALZEN, ADOLPH Guadalupe County
01-00836 DOEGE, RICHARD Guadalupe County
01-00837 BALL, SAM Guadalupe County
01-00838 HARTFIELD, MILLIE Guadalupe County
01-00839 HARTFIELD, LOLA Guadalupe County
01-00840 LENZ, LOUIS II Guadalupe County
01-00842 BALL, JAMES Guadalupe County
01-00938 SCHIEVELBEIN, ALBERT Guadalupe County
01-02176 SCHNITZ, HARLEY D. Guadalupe County
01-02234 ZUEHL, EDGAR H. Guadalupe County
01-03434 WIEDNER Guadalupe County
01-05793 WITTE, ELTON (A) Wilson County
01-06283 RUDELOFF, ADOLPH Guadalupe County
01-06359 WITTE, ELTON Wilson County
01-06519 STOCK, DORIS Guadalupe County
01-08079 BOLTON, ROMAN E. Guadalupe County
01-09577 SCULL, C. E. Wilson County
04-00303 NILES EST. Webb County
04-03603 DOBIE, ELFRED W. Webb County
04-04978 CANALES, GUS La Salle County
04-09394 DOBIE, E. W. Webb County
04-09494 DOBIE, ELFRED W. -C- Webb County
04-09625 DOBIE, E. W. -E- Webb County
04-10728 DOBIE, V. Webb County
04-11664 BOATMEN'S TRUST COMPANY Webb County
04-12382 DOBIE, ELFRED W. -A- Webb County
04-12383 DOBIE, E.W./SPC Webb County
04-12384 DOBIE, ELFRED W. -B- Webb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Zaf Oil