Zenergy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Zenergy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Zenergy, Inc.
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TULSA, OK 74136

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Leases Operated by Zenergy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-215896 VAUGHN, G. Live Oak County
02-222503 VAUGHN, G. Live Oak County
02-223272 VAUGHN, G. Live Oak County
02-229897 SALYER A-926 Live Oak County
02-240712 G. VAUGHN Live Oak County
03-197609 HARRISON, G. Matagorda County
03-201769 BROUSSARD & HEBERT "D" Jefferson County
03-212789 MAD ISLAND UNIT NO. 1 Matagorda County
03-227186 ROCA-NEGRA Brazoria County
04-195135 PEREZ, L. Duval County
04-210340 KILLAM Duval County
04-242260 KMF 164 Kenedy County
08-37458 UNIVERSITY 35 Andrews County
08-38130 STATE OF TEXAS "BV" Andrews County
08-40172 UNIVERSITY 35 Andrews County
10-121641 SPERRY, OCEL Lipscomb County
10-132319 HARRELSON Lipscomb County
10-179584 HOGAN Hansford County
10-180045 STAR Hansford County
10-183614 HART Hansford County
10-184021 GRUVER STAR Hansford County
10-185711 STAR, TONY Hansford County
10-191506 REX SANDERS -B- UNIT Hansford County
10-192298 SANDERS G U -A- Hansford County
10-192960 SANDERS G U -A- Hansford County
10-199377 ALLAR-CLAWSON Hansford County
10-203211 FLOWERS Hansford County
10-222906 FLOWERS Hansford County
10-224985 ALLAR-CLAWSON Hansford County
10-228382 REX SANDERS -B- UNIT Hansford County
10-242477 T.M. SHAPLEY Hansford County
10-248147 GRUVER SHAPLEY Hansford County
10-249751 GRUVER BECK Hansford County

Drilling Permits Filed by Zenergy, Inc.