Ageron Energy, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ageron Energy, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Ageron Energy, LLC
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1250 NE LOOP 410 SUITE 500


Leases Operated by Ageron Energy, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-16301 PURSCH-MARSHALL McMullen County
01-17860 R. HENRY McMullen County
01-18580 ALC RANCH Frio County
01-18663 S MCKNIGHT C Dimmit County
01-18664 S MCKNIGHT B Dimmit County
01-18905 N BAUERLE UNIT Zavala County
01-19130 MCLEAN Frio County
01-19131 S BAUERLE UNIT Frio County
01-19370 MYRTA Dimmit County
01-19407 TAYLOR-CARRICO UNIT Frio County
01-19433 HERBST Frio County
01-19446 MYRTA Dimmit County
01-19512 N BAUERLE A UNIT Zavala County
01-20127 Y-BAR ACTION McMullen County
01-20249 MARRS BAUERLE UNIT Frio County
01-20269 CYNDI UNIT Frio County
01-20473 AE 76 RANCH McMullen County
01-288973 MARIA LUISA La Salle County
01-288978 MARIA LUISA La Salle County
01-288986 LINDSAY RANCH Webb County
01-289491 STATE MARY Webb County
01-289541 STATE MARY Webb County
01-289917 SCHOOLFIELD La Salle County
01-290048 MARIA LUISA La Salle County
01-290194 SCHOOLFIELD La Salle County
01-290541 STATE EDITH UNIT Webb County
01-292795 DH UNIT McMullen County
02-11374 BOLF UNIT Karnes County
02-12012 BOLF AC UNIT Karnes County
04-268922 CALLAGHAN A Webb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ageron Energy, LLC