Arco Oil & Gas Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Arco Oil & Gas Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Arco Oil & Gas Co.
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P O BOX 869205
PLANO, TX 75086

Leases Operated by Arco Oil & Gas Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-112584 LINDHOLM, R. G. McMullen County
01-119199 RHODE, D. W. 26 McMullen County
03-00194 KIRBY PET. CO. -B- Chambers County
03-00195 KIRBY PET. CO. -C- Chambers County
04-014629 MCLEAN, MARRS, TRUST -A- Jim Hogg County
04-048643 ARCO ET AL-HUMBLE FEE Duval County
04-101266 ARCO ETAL HUMBLE FEE GAS UNIT Duval County
04-106182 HAZLEWOOD GAS UNIT Duval County
04-109288 BELL, EVERETT R G.U. Hidalgo County
04-122983 HOLBEIN GAS UNIT Jim Hogg County
06-030131 SOAPE, A. C. GAS UNIT Panola County
06-134943 HICKS, O. B. GAS UNIT Panola County
06-137053 HICKS, O.B. GAS UNIT Panola County
08-00442 BLOCK 31 UNIT Crane County
08-00445 BLOCK 31 UNIT Crane County
08-00811 BLAKENEY, B. H. -A- Ector County
08-00814 BLAKENEY -OA- Ector County
08-00826 HOLT, FAY Ector County
08-00842 BLAKENEY-SUN Ector County
08-049990 TREES ESTATE -20- Reeves County
08-055978 COOPER -43- Ward County
08-08461 KLOH, -B- Ector County
08-18883 JOHNSON, J. L. -AB- Ector County
08-21639 BLOCK 31 UNIT Crane County
08-22460 WIGHT, L. E. "B" Ector County
08-22784 JOHNSON DEEP UNIT Ector County
08-23029 JOHNSON DEEP UNIT Ector County
08-23207 JOHNSON,J.L."H" Ector County
08-23300 JOHNSON, J. L. "B" Ector County
08-24071 JOHNSON, J.L. "O" Ector County
08-24118 CORRIGAN COWDEN UNIT Ector County
08-27091 UNIVERSITY -42- Crane County
08-27630 UNIVERSITY O 25 Crane County
08-28173 UNIVERSITY 25A Crane County
08-30807 JOHNSON, J.L. "O" Ector County
08-31640 JOHNSON -B-36- Ector County
08-31929 BIGBY, J. O. -10- Glasscock County
09-02484 SNUGGS, FRED Cooke County
09-11967 WALNUT BEND FIELD UNIT NO. 1 Cooke County
09-26978 NORTH WALNUT BEND UNIT Cooke County
09-27427 WALNUT BEND FIELD UNIT Cooke County
09-28478 MCGEORGE, PERCY Cooke County
6E-06066 BEAN, NAT, -A- Rusk County
6E-06067 BEAN, MARY B. Rusk County
6E-06074 BURNSIDE -A- Gregg County
6E-06075 BURNSIDE -B- Gregg County
6E-06093 DUNCAN Gregg County
6E-06100 FISHER Gregg County
6E-06111 GRIFFIN, H. L. Rusk County
6E-06112 GRIFFIN, L. P. Gregg County
6E-06114 HAYS Gregg County
6E-06116 HOPKINS Gregg County
6E-06127 KINNEY Gregg County
6E-06128 LAIRD, S. S. Rusk County
6E-06129 LEE, T. W. Gregg County
6E-06130 MCGEORGE Gregg County
6E-06143 PINKSTON, -B- Rusk County
6E-06144 PINKSTON -C- Rusk County
6E-06145 PINKSTON, -D- Rusk County
6E-06150 RODDEN Gregg County
6E-06166 TURNER Gregg County
6E-06167 TUTTLE -A- Gregg County
6E-06173 WILSON Gregg County
6E-06428 JONES, ALFRED Gregg County
6E-06429 REDDIC, JEFF Rusk County
6E-06589 WYLIE, W. E. -B- Rusk County
6E-08024 AKIN, J. W. -A- Gregg County
6E-08025 AKIN, J. W. -B- Gregg County
6E-08026 ANDREWS, S. G. Gregg County
6E-08036 KENNEDY, MAJOR -B- Rusk County
6E-08039 KING, A. A. -A- Gregg County
6E-08040 KING, A. A. -B- Gregg County
6E-08047 LEDBETTER, DIVERNIA Rusk County
6E-08049 MONCRIEF, MATTIE Gregg County
7C-019386 WINDHAM, R. S. Upton County
7C-13606 SOPPE Upton County
8A-18486 CHATTERTON, P. Yoakum County
8A-19308 WILLARD UNIT Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Arco Oil & Gas Co.