Atapco Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Atapco
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Leases Operated by Atapco

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07164 HALSELL RANCH -E- Maverick County
01-14036 HALSELL Maverick County
01-14056 HALSELL RANCH #56 Maverick County
02-105279 HOLT, BONNIE Goliad County
02-105753 SMITH, JACK Goliad County
02-108434 GRUETZMACHER Goliad County
02-113187 WHEELOCK ET AL Goliad County
02-122861 BUCH DeWitt County
02-125516 LABAY, E.B. Jackson County
03-053877 BLEZINGER Austin County
03-054706 HOLZMAN HEIRS Austin County
03-055479 NEPTUNE Austin County
03-056235 WANGLER Austin County
03-058657 GULF Liberty County
03-058658 MCDONALD Liberty County
03-058659 KIRBY Liberty County
03-061042 BURT-STEIN Colorado County
03-063448 GEORGE B. Austin County
03-133973 MAHALITC Wharton County
03-134469 DUNCAN Wharton County
03-134470 TAYLOR Wharton County
03-136086 REYNOLDS Wharton County
03-136328 SVOBODA, ANNIE Austin County
03-138149 TAYLOR Wharton County
03-138988 MICAN Wharton County
03-139275 WESSELSKI Colorado County
03-20421 KIRBY Liberty County
03-20771 BALDWIN, R.G. Liberty County
03-20845 FEE SWD Liberty County
03-20954 M BANK Liberty County
03-22350 MBANK Liberty County
03-22548 BALDWIN, ROBERT Liberty County
03-23196 BLEZINGER Austin County
03-23417 BALDWIN, ROBERT Liberty County
04-02402 THOMPSON, J. A. Nueces County
04-12599 THOMPSON, J.A. Nueces County
04-126430 THOMPSON, J.A. Nueces County
04-126607 THOMPSON, J. A. Nueces County
04-126827 THOMPSON, J.A. Nueces County
04-12694 THOMPSON, J.A. Nueces County
04-12712 THOMPSON UNIT Nueces County
04-128953 THOMPSON UNIT Nueces County
04-129069 THOMPSON UNIT Nueces County
04-130560 THOMPSON, J.A. Nueces County
04-131276 THOMPSON UNIT Nueces County
08-20537 TROPORO /DEVONIAN/ UNIT Crane County
08-23963 FASKEN, DAVID "28" Andrews County
08-24649 ELLWOOD, W.L., ESTATE Mitchell County
08-25366 SCOTT, F. H. Ward County
08-25567 UNIVERSITY Pecos County
08-25691 UNIVERSITY -A- Pecos County
08-25902 ELLWOOD ESTATE Mitchell County
08-25981 SHAFFRATH, MAX.D. ET AL Pecos County
08-26008 THAXTON Loving County
09-05338 OWENS, M. J. Wichita County
09-05360 REILLY, H. Wichita County
09-05388 VILES, W. W. Wichita County
7B-03058 MCELMURRAY, A. H. Nolan County
7B-21295 SPIRES 200 Nolan County
7B-23483 MCELMURRAY, A.H. Nolan County
7B-23904 MCELMURRAY, A.H. Nolan County
7B-26747 MCELMURRAY, A.H. Nolan County
7C-00810 DIETZ, P. R. Runnels County
7C-07808 HIGGINS Coke County
7C-07955 JAMES, C. L. "A" Runnels County
7C-08302 JONES "50" Coke County
8A-03891 MARTY-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-03896 SEABOARD-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-066975 MARTY-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-066976 MARTY-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-069292 SEABOARD - WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-069293 MARTY-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-071353 SEABOARD-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-071354 SEABOARD-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-072163 SEABOARD-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-072327 WRIGHT, MARTY Cochran County
8A-62523 REED WRIGHT "B" Cochran County
8A-62989 WRIGHT, MILLER Cochran County
8A-63022 WRIGHT, STUART P. Cochran County
8A-65782 DEAN UNIT Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by Atapco