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Leases Operated by Atlas Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14644 HODDE, A.W. McMullen County
01-14690 HERRERA, GREGORIO McMullen County
01-14770 RABKE-MASPERO UNIT McMullen County
01-14794 RABKE McMullen County
01-15116 TEXAS-OSAGE Zavala County
01-15493 SHOOK EFS Dimmit County
01-15752 GRASS FARM UNIT Atascosa County
01-15792 ALPHA WARE Zavala County
01-15862 TOCQUIGNY EFS Dimmit County
01-16031 PETRO PARDS Zavala County
01-16055 RAY Zavala County
01-16056 GOODWIN Zavala County
01-16060 MARK & SANDRA UNIT Zavala County
01-17391 BLUE EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-17582 SNAKE EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-18072 RIBEYE UNIT Atascosa County
01-18221 CAT EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-18374 AMMANN EFS Dimmit County
01-18610 TOCQUIGNY UNIT Dimmit County
01-18889 BULLSEYE UNIT Atascosa County
01-18977 RED RANCH EFS Dimmit County
01-19098 SHUT EYE UNIT Atascosa County
01-19145 WILSON UNIT 1 Dimmit County
01-19160 WILSON UNIT 2 Dimmit County
01-19436 HOVENCAMP UNIT Dimmit County
01-19442 J C DAVIS UNIT Dimmit County
01-19619 MIKE VEGA UNIT Dimmit County
01-19652 PERSIMMON UNIT Dimmit County
01-19715 TEXAS A&M UNIT Dimmit County
01-19742 KATHERINE BROWN UNIT Dimmit County
01-20053 JRED B EF Dimmit County
02-09391 CURTIS FOESTER Calhoun County
02-162215 KUESTER UNIT DeWitt County
02-169016 KUESTER UNIT DeWitt County
02-171588 STEINMANN DeWitt County
02-201436 GARCITAS RANCH "A" Victoria County
02-244340 HENSON GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-254487 MOORE-STAFFORD Jackson County
03-00662 BERNAND UNIT Brazoria County
03-188995 SANTOS-LEWIS GU Matagorda County
03-19686 DEVIL'S POCKET, WEST Newton County
03-21812 KITCHEN Brazoria County
03-24977 BEECH CREEK Hardin County
03-27146 ZSCHECH C UNIT Burleson County
03-27165 ZGABAY B UNIT Lee County
03-27207 MARBURGER A UNIT Lee County
03-27276 GARRISON D UNIT Burleson County
03-27299 KUBENA F UNIT Burleson County
03-27748 BEECH CREEK Hardin County
04-13295 LOPEZ Brooks County
04-157995 ALEXANDER, M. M. Zapata County
04-249085 MILLER, BOB Hidalgo County
04-256219 MILLER, BOB Hidalgo County
06-01365 KIRKLAND AND KIRKLAND Wood County
08-12387 ADAMS, H. E. "A" Crane County
08-12504 ADAMS, H. E. "B" Crane County
08-37326 ADAMS, H. E. -C- Crane County
08-60264 ADAMS, H. E. Crane County
09-28435 PARKEY A-2 Archer County
10-030621 NEWCOMER, L. M. Hemphill County
10-038029 ALEXANDER GAS UNIT Hansford County
10-04621 HALL, VERNON B. Wheeler County
10-064174 URSCHEL Hemphill County
10-069594 FLOWERS Hemphill County
10-072549 BRONCO CREEK Wheeler County
10-073933 SCOTT, MARY L. Wheeler County
10-121148 PALMER-ALLISON Hemphill County
10-127599 VINCENT Ochiltree County
10-164776 URSCHEL A Hemphill County
10-171451 NEWCOMER, CHARLES G. Hemphill County
10-173065 SANSING, ROY Lipscomb County
10-227661 BLUEBIRD RANCH Wheeler County
7C-00365 CREE SYKES UNIT Runnels County
7C-00713 CHAPPELL, J. E. Coke County
7C-09845 AMACKER "46" Upton County
7C-10523 HALFF "47" Upton County
7C-11216 AMACKER "15" Upton County
7C-11691 WILSON "45" Upton County
8A-61816 WALLACE, BILBY Kent County
8A-69955 PHILLIPS Hockley County

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