Axtel Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Axtel Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Axtel Energy, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Axtel Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-016155 ALFORD ENTERPRISES Rusk County
06-016156 MCNEE Rusk County
06-038151 FLANGAN, O. E. Rusk County
06-038692 ALFORD ENTERPRISES Rusk County
06-040465 JONES, W. J. Rusk County
06-094170 FROLICK Rusk County
06-096333 RAYFORD, JACK UNIT 1 Rusk County
06-10267 HILBURN-BRASWELL UNIT #2 Rusk County
06-112703 WILLIAMS Rusk County
06-11618 LEE, CLARK Rusk County
06-11790 LONG, E. I. Rusk County
06-11945 FROLICK, G. T. UNIT #2 Rusk County
06-133079 REEVES, R.L. Rusk County
6E-06634 BRADFORD-C GAO Rusk County
6E-06635 BRADFORD-E GAO Rusk County
6E-06677 HOLLAND Rusk County
6E-07227 BRADFORD, D. Rusk County
6E-07532 FLEMISTER, JULIA Gregg County
6E-07575 MCKINLEY,J.C. & R.S. -B- R/A -B- Gregg County
6E-07576 MCKINLEY,J.C. & R.S. -B- R/A -C- Gregg County
6E-07672 LEAGUE -A- Gregg County
6E-08072 THOMPSON, M. L. -C- Rusk County
6E-08193 LEE, CLARK Rusk County
6E-08194 THOMPSON, M. L. -A- Gregg County
6E-08294 COLE, M. T. Gregg County
6E-08295 COLE, M. T. -B- Gregg County
6E-08306 LEE, T. W. Gregg County
6E-08307 MILLER, AMY Gregg County
6E-08312 SNAVELY, HEIRS -A- Gregg County
6E-08313 SNAVELY HEIRS -B- Gregg County
6E-08314 SNAVELY HEIRS -D- Gregg County
6E-08711 BRADFORD "B" Rusk County
7C-079322 TURNER Tom Green County
7C-084327 TURNER Tom Green County

Drilling Permits Filed by Axtel Energy, Inc.