B & S Salvage Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By B & S Salvage
Map of Wells Operated by B & S Salvage
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PO BOX 345
POST, TX 79356


Leases Operated by B & S Salvage

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
8A-13259 CONNELL, ARLENE Garza County
8A-13260 CONNELL, ARLENE Garza County
8A-14877 BRUSTER Lynn County
8A-61349 CONNELL "A" Garza County
8A-62498 GUTHRIE "A" Garza County
8A-62573 FNB DALLAS Garza County
8A-62789 MILLER, O. L. Garza County
8A-62960 WHEELER, J. A. Crosby County
8A-62961 CONNELL "A" Garza County
8A-63012 WILLIAMS, E. W. Garza County
8A-63175 COFFIELD-LONG Garza County
8A-63222 EUBANKS Garza County
8A-63305 WILLIAMS, E. W. Garza County
8A-63366 MILLER, O. Garza County
8A-63810 GUTHRIE Garza County
8A-64039 WILLIAMS "B" Garza County
8A-64878 WHEELER Garza County
8A-66362 WASHAKIE-HAMILTON Borden County
8A-67741 CONNELL "A" Garza County
8A-68060 WHEELER, J.A. "A" Crosby County
8A-68061 WHEELER, J.A. Crosby County
8A-68062 COLES, T.C. Crosby County
8A-68063 WOOD, CLARK "A" (B & S) Crosby County
8A-69133 CRUMP Garza County
8A-69358 MILLER, O. L. Garza County
8A-69472 GUTHRIE "A" Garza County
8A-70240 WHEELER, J.A. T.S. Crosby County

Drilling Permits Filed by B & S Salvage