B.W.O.C., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By B.W.O.C., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by B.W.O.C., Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:
B.W.O.C., INC.

PO BOX 262289
PLANO, TX 75026

Leases Operated by B.W.O.C., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-070188 MAY, SAM A. ET AL Karnes County
02-188315 MILLER Jackson County
02-206788 MAY, SAM A. Karnes County
03-11679 ODOM, HENRY K. #1 Brazos County
03-13589 LENZ BROTHERS Madison County
03-13945 THEISS WB Madison County
03-15583 PATRANELLA, FRANK L. UNIT -A- Brazos County
03-15827 EZELL UNIT Brazos County
03-15940 SMITH, RICHARD "B" Brazos County
03-16186 ERCANBRACK-RAMBO UNIT Brazos County
03-16723 DOOLEY Brazos County
03-16724 DUKE UNIT Brazos County
03-17011 WEBER-STEPHENS Washington County
03-17251 GENTRY, H.J. Brazos County
03-17398 FISHER #2 Brazos County
03-18630 BRYAN WOODBINE UNIT Brazos County
03-18657 CRUSE, C. L. Tyler County
03-19599 PETER SCOTT Brazos County
03-21179 WALTMAN Brazos County
03-21218 SCOTT, PETER Brazos County
03-21238 FISHER Brazos County
03-21513 PORTER-ORSAK UNIT Burleson County
03-21631 DIX UNIT Brazos County
03-21747 DUKE UNIT Brazos County
03-21901 KNOX UNIT Brazos County
03-23051 PERKINS YAGER UNIT (B.W.U. #57) Brazos County
03-232227 TIMBERWOLF Tyler County
03-23714 BWU Brazos County
03-23891 MOORE Brazos County
03-23926 DIX UNIT Brazos County
03-23958 PERKINS - YAGER Brazos County
03-23961 SMITH, RICHARD "B" Brazos County
03-23986 WALTMAN Brazos County
03-24003 KNOX UNIT Brazos County
03-24153 YEAGER, S. T. UNIT Brazos County
03-24158 KIM UNIT Brazos County
03-24174 CONNOR-WHEELER Brazos County
03-24175 AGGIE UNIT Brazos County
03-24273 PATE UNIT Brazos County
03-24276 HOFF-FISCHER Washington County
03-24299 PATRANELLA "A" Brazos County
03-243571 BUNYAN, PAUL Tyler County
03-24385 KIM Brazos County
03-24396 KIM UNIT #3 Brazos County
03-24442 INTERNATIONAL SHOE Brazos County
03-24589 KIM "A" Brazos County
03-246074 FRANCES EVANS UNIT SC Madison County
03-24677 LENZ BROTHERS Madison County
03-24681 DUKE Brazos County
03-24689 ODOM, H. K. Brazos County
03-24720 STROWMAN "WB" Madison County
03-24740 HALL WB Madison County
03-24764 KIM C Brazos County
03-24841 GROESBECK Brazos County
03-24886 WATSON "WB" Madison County
03-24961 SHEPHERD CREEK WB Madison County
03-24982 ODOM, HENRY K. WB Brazos County
03-25000 ODOM, HENRY K. Brazos County
03-25103 FICKEY, R. J. Brazos County
03-25193 LENZ WB Madison County
03-25421 LUMBERJACK Tyler County
05-00030 GARRETT, J. T. Robertson County
05-03734 WELCH-LACEY Leon County
06-14235 M. J. STOCKER Tyler County
06-211964 STOCKER, M.J. UNIT Tyler County
06-228081 CRUSE, C.L. Tyler County
06-232517 BLUE OX 'A' AC Tyler County
06-235845 TIMBERWOLF "A" Tyler County
09-31076 PRUITT UNIT Wise County
7B-01039 EVANS, E. E. Coleman County
7B-085384 PAYNE, S. N. Coleman County
7B-08564 JOYCE, G. L. Coleman County
7B-098470 EVANS, E. E. Coleman County
7B-23311 RHONE "B" Runnels County
7B-26301 KENNEDY, C.E. Coleman County

Drilling Permits Filed by B.W.O.C., Inc.