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Leases Operated by Bob Hughes Oil Company, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-00301 TURNER, JOE Brown County
7B-00302 WEEDON, JOE Brown County
7B-018166 FERGUSON, H. C. & GIESECKE Coleman County
7B-018233 MUERY, ELLA G. Coleman County
7B-018241 RIORDAN, J. L. Coleman County
7B-069393 MARTIN, C.O. (A) Coleman County
7B-070036 DYESS AIR FORCE BASE Taylor County
7B-086149 LEVIE OLD "A" Brown County
7B-094532 HAYNES Brown County
7B-096660 HAYNES Brown County
7B-106276 HAYNES Brown County
7B-115506 HAYNES Brown County
7B-115507 HAYNES Brown County
7B-131241 BEAVER, JOHN SCOTT Coleman County
7B-143287 EVANS, LOYD Coleman County
7B-19485 SNEED Coleman County
7B-20178 LEVIE OLD Brown County
7B-21306 HAYNES Brown County
7B-21506 SNEED, BILL Coleman County
7B-218951 HINDS, CARROLL Coleman County
7B-24484 WEEDON, JOE "A" Brown County
7B-28133 HINDS, CARROLL Coleman County
7B-30755 HANTMAN Taylor County
7C-052540 SHURLEY 'A' Sutton County
7C-053102 SHURLEY 'B' Sutton County
7C-054326 SHURLEY C-1 Sutton County
7C-054327 SHURLEY C-2 Sutton County
7C-07480 WILSON Tom Green County
7C-07529 SUPERIOR-KNIGHT Sterling County
7C-08558 TANKERSLEY, MYRA Irion County
7C-08679 CLARK, H.W. Irion County
7C-087052 SHURLEY Sutton County
7C-087053 SHURLEY "35" Sutton County
7C-087215 SHURLEY Sutton County
7C-089983 SHURLEY Sutton County
7C-096444 SHURLEY 148 Sutton County
7C-09702 TURNER, MAXWELL Tom Green County
7C-098389 SHURLEY "36" Sutton County
7C-103457 SHURLEY "149" Sutton County
7C-10948 TURNER Tom Green County
7C-11045 MUNN Tom Green County
7C-110654 SHURLEY RANCH Sutton County
7C-110655 SHURLEY RANCH Sutton County
7C-110876 SHURLEY Sutton County
7C-110877 SHURLEY Sutton County
7C-11113 LIVELY-KNIGHT "74" Sterling County
7C-111426 SHURLEY Sutton County
7C-111432 SHURLEY RANCH Sutton County
7C-111442 SHURLEY RANCH Sutton County
7C-118026 CAPE, C. E. Concho County
7C-120278 OWENS, AMOS Crockett County
7C-12292 OWENS, AMOS Crockett County
7C-13297 MUNN Tom Green County
7C-139624 MUNN "1123" Tom Green County
7C-147205 HENDERSON TRUST X Crockett County
7C-147746 MILLER "10" Crockett County
7C-15064 TURNER RANCH #44 Tom Green County
7C-150888 CROWN Coke County
7C-153237 HENDERSON TRUST "X" Crockett County
7C-15577 ROCK PEN NORTH Irion County
7C-16890 LIVINGSTON Tom Green County
7C-18399 ASHLEY Schleicher County
7C-18401 MODELL Schleicher County
7C-18404 LOGAN Schleicher County
7C-18420 MANDY Schleicher County
7C-18437 ANALISA Schleicher County
7C-18478 TRACY Schleicher County
7C-18631 SHELBYLYNN Schleicher County
7C-18633 LOUANN Schleicher County
7C-18659 HUGHES Runnels County
7C-18687 PARMER SWD Schleicher County
7C-19100 LOUANN Schleicher County
7C-19285 MOORE WEST SWD Crockett County
7C-19288 KARI Schleicher County
7C-19566 HUGHES Runnels County
7C-198577 CRAWFORD Tom Green County
7C-290434 LIVELY-KNIGHT "74" Sterling County
7C-290488 SUPERIOR-KNIGHT Sterling County
7C-290495 LIVELY-KNIGHT "74" Sterling County
7C-291508 SUPERIOR-KNIGHT Sterling County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bob Hughes Oil Company, LLC