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Wells Operated By Bridwell Oil Co.
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Leases Operated by Bridwell Oil Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-03512 MURPHY, JOHN -A- Bee County
02-03597 MURPHY, JOHN -A- Bee County
02-04166 MURPHY, JOHN Bee County
02-06598 HAMILTON, DIANE WELDER Bee County
02-07548 MURPHY, WILLIE Bee County
02-09092 MURPHY, JOHN -A- Bee County
02-11386 MURPHY, JOHN -A- Bee County
04-00363 REAGAN, L. I. Nueces County
04-13760 PARR Duval County
04-14075 ADAMS Jim Wells County
04-14100 BARTON Duval County
04-256359 J-BAR Jim Wells County
04-286767 KEETCH Duval County
04-291884 BARTON-SCHUBERT Duval County
08-09002 WIGHT, L. E. -A- Ector County
08-22017 FOSTER, H. S. Ector County
08-22148 FOSTER, H.S. -22- Ector County
08-32154 FUHRMAN Andrews County
08-32451 FUHRMAN -C- Andrews County
08-33228 HANCOCK Andrews County
08-37114 FUHRMAN -B- Andrews County
08-37116 FUHRMAN -G- Andrews County
08-37130 FUHRMAN -D- Andrews County
09-00055 BRIDWELL ARCHER RANCH Archer County
09-00059 BRIDWELL-JACKSON -C- Archer County
09-00065 OIL INV. CO. -B- Archer County
09-00885 BRIDWELL-JACKSON Archer County
09-01458 BRIDWELL RIVER RANCH Clay County
09-028523 WATTS, MAGGIE Wise County
09-03473 CHERRYHOMES, VIRGINIA Jack County
09-04135 DENNIS -B- Montague County
09-04139 SALMON -A- Montague County
09-04257 HENLEY, HELEN S. Montague County
09-10134 WINTER, MARY Archer County
09-11249 BRIDWELL ARCHER RANCH -G- Archer County
09-15923 HALSELL, FURD -A- Clay County
09-16207 T-G-B UNIT Montague County
09-16270 BRIDWELL ARCHER RANCH -J- Archer County
09-17204 HALSELL FURD -F- Clay County
09-18256 SCALING RANCH -E- Clay County
09-18435 SCALING RANCH -H- Clay County
09-18777 BLANTON -A- Jack County
09-19362 INGLE, C. -A- Foard County
09-20673 OVERSTREET F. S. Montague County
09-21557 MCFADDIN RANCH "A" Knox County
09-22466 SCALING RANCH "Q" Clay County
09-28174 SMITH, LEE Knox County
09-28176 TACKITT Knox County
09-29510 BRIDWELL RIVER RANCH Clay County
09-29564 BRIDWELL ARCHER RANCH -D- Archer County
09-29901 MCFADDIN UNIT Knox County
09-31083 MCFADDIN RANCH "E" Knox County
09-32202 F.S. OVERSTREET -A- Montague County
09-32391 BRIDWELL Wichita County
09-33691 BRIDWELL ARCHER RANCH -N- Archer County
09-33873 HORNADY Archer County
6E-06264 LOCKETT Gregg County
7B-00333 BREWER, FLOYD Callahan County
7B-04170 ALEXANDER, MINOR -A- Stonewall County
7B-06170 CAMP, J. L. ETAL Taylor County
7B-12005 WALLER, C. W. Shackelford County
7B-12456 COMPTON HEIRS Stephens County
7B-24514 MCBEATH, KATHLEEN JONES Haskell County
7B-26846 HICKS, J.L. 187 Nolan County
7B-28428 RULE WEST UNIT Haskell County
7C-05820 NEVINS GARDNER UNIT Runnels County
7C-07047 UNIVERSITY -BR- Reagan County
7C-200883 MEADOWS. C. W. Crockett County
8A-06681 MCBROOM, A. E. MRS. Terry County
8A-16149 CREWS, CLARA Lynn County
8A-61157 MILLER, CLYDE "B" Borden County
8A-63220 MASTEN Cochran County
8A-65368 BROWNFIELD Yoakum County
8A-66310 JONES UNIT "A" Cottle County
8A-66474 JONES UNIT "B" Cottle County
8A-66530 SAGE DRAW UNIT Dickens County
8A-66661 SPC MILLER -521- Borden County
8A-67815 MILLER -521- Borden County
8A-68047 COLLIER "7" Crosby County
8A-68048 AMOCO-COLLIER ESTATE Crosby County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bridwell Oil Co.