Britanco, L.L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Britanco, L.L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Britanco, L.L.C.
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P O BOX 98


Leases Operated by Britanco, L.L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-03875 HARDIN, ETHEL Wilson County
01-04886 KIDDER Wilson County
01-04913 SAMUELS, L. P. Frio County
01-05813 CALVERT "A" Wilson County
01-05954 VAN WINKLE, JIMMY L. Wilson County
01-05967 HEIRHOLZER, J.C. Wilson County
01-06196 MOY, R.F. Wilson County
01-06269 HEIRHOLZER, J.C. ET AL Wilson County
01-10684 HAMBY -D- Wilson County
01-12187 CELLMAR Wilson County
01-12925 DOUBLE BARREL UNIT Frio County
01-13973 GALLANT, JAMES A. Bandera County
01-14740 KIDDER "A" Wilson County
01-15079 ROGERS THEO Frio County
01-15080 YANCY Atascosa County
01-15162 YANCY B Atascosa County
01-15163 YANCY A Atascosa County
01-15170 EBROM Wilson County
01-152420 HAGIST McMullen County
01-15245 YANCY SWD Atascosa County
01-15393 WILSON Atascosa County
01-15818 HAGIST RANCH McMullen County
01-16115 CULPEPPER 2H UNIT Frio County
01-16181 WILSON Atascosa County
01-16214 CULPEPPER 1H UNIT Frio County
01-17063 KOTZEBUE Frio County
01-17777 WHITLEY-DUBOSE UNIT Frio County
01-19058 H.E.RICHTER Atascosa County
02-003865 STAUSS, IDA ET AL UNIT Bee County
02-003867 STAUSS, IDA ET AL UNIT Bee County
02-00412 ROTH, J. E. Bee County
02-02381 GOREE, G. W. Bee County
02-049051 BRINKOETER, W. H. Bee County
02-05056 FALLS CITY UNIT Karnes County
02-058912 BEHRENS, J. UNIT Goliad County
02-06205 ROBINSON, D. E. Bee County
02-06418 ROBINSON Bee County
02-06616 HALL, IMOGENE UNIT Bee County
02-06822 WRIGHT Bee County
02-06918 STAUSS, IDA ET AL Bee County
02-07018 HALL, IMOGENE Bee County
02-070760 EAST MAXINE UNIT 1 Live Oak County
02-071091 LINDHOLM Live Oak County
02-07163 DIRKS, DONALD F. UNIT Bee County
02-084251 GOREE, AUDREY C. Bee County
02-09048 FALLS CITY UNIT Karnes County
02-09049 MOCZYGEMBA, V.T. Karnes County
02-09050 OLINICK, JEROME Karnes County
02-101468 ROBINSON, D. E. Bee County
02-112508 GINGERICH, GEORGE C. Bee County
02-117177 ROBERTS, MORRIS ET AL Bee County
02-117179 ROBERTS, MORRIS ET AL Bee County
02-12007 LIEKE-RICHTER Atascosa County
02-121518 CBCB&G UNIT Bee County
02-122617 WICK UNIT Lavaca County
02-123030 GRAFE, MARY Lavaca County
02-12552 CONCORD SOUTH W Karnes County
02-125807 ENGELKING UNIT Bee County
02-129956 BRINKOETER Bee County
02-130078 GREMMEL Bee County
02-137905 WTU HALL Bee County
02-143109 LANDGREBE, ERWIN Goliad County
02-169299 WTU HALL Bee County
02-184229 IMOGENE HALL UNIT Bee County
02-184232 PEREZ, FELIPE Bee County
02-184625 GILL, CLAUDIA Bee County
02-188044 GILL, CLAUDIA P. Bee County
02-188809 IMOGENE HALL UNIT Bee County
02-188810 STAUSS Bee County
02-190259 ROBINSON Bee County
02-190456 GINGERICH, GEORGE C. Bee County
02-209990 WTU ROBINSON Bee County
02-223302 AUNT AUDREY Bee County
02-228510 GOREE Bee County
02-244744 STAUSS Bee County
02-255700 EBERSTADT Bee County
02-255898 WTU-GILL Bee County
04-13393 PROCHASKA Nueces County
08-167823 COYANOSA UNIT NO. 503 -M- Pecos County

Drilling Permits Filed by Britanco, L.L.C.