Burlington Resources O & G Co LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Burlington Resources O & G Co LP
Map of Wells Operated by Burlington Resources O & G Co LP
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Leases Operated by Burlington Resources O & G Co LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-16035 MORRILL RANCH McMullen County
02-09707 F. MALEK UNIT I Live Oak County
02-09718 BARGMANN TRUST UNIT A Karnes County
02-09719 C.W. HAHN UNIT A DeWitt County
02-09722 JANSSEN UNIT A Karnes County
02-09731 RUCKMAN RANCH UNIT DeWitt County
02-09742 RICE UNIVERSITY DeWitt County
02-09751 KOTARA UNIT A Karnes County
02-09754 NATHO UNIT A Karnes County
02-09802 GROSE UNIT A Karnes County
02-09824 R MEISCHEN UNIT A DeWitt County
02-09873 MAURER UNIT A DeWitt County
02-09888 F. MALEK UNIT W Live Oak County
02-09925 JUNE DAY UNIT B Karnes County
02-09962 THIELE UNIT A DeWitt County
02-09971 JJJ RANCH UNIT A Karnes County
02-09982 TURBO UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10015 W LESKE UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10104 J ROSSETT UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10132 MAURER UNIT D DeWitt County
02-10166 J SMITH UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10199 MARY KRAUSE UNIT A Live Oak County
02-10219 KORTH UNIT B Karnes County
02-10258 LAZY Q UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10280 BARRETT UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10354 WEIGELT UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10369 GUNN UNIT A DeWitt County
02-10564 METZ RANCH UNIT A Karnes County
02-10567 LEO FRANK UNIT B Karnes County
02-10647 ECLETO PARTNERSHIP UNIT A Karnes County
02-10882 PLOMERO RANCH Live Oak County
02-10945 MARALDO A403 DeWitt County
02-11094 JANSKY UNIT B DeWitt County
02-12109 M GOHLKE UNIT A DeWitt County
02-12118 BURGE UNIT A DeWitt County
02-12119 BORGFELD UNIT A DeWitt County
02-12155 YANTA NORTH UNIT 1 Karnes County
02-12156 YANTA NORTH UNIT 2 Karnes County
02-12157 YANTA NORTH UNIT 3 Karnes County
02-12167 COLEMAN QUAD ULW Karnes County
02-12189 S REYNOLDS-COLIN B USW B Karnes County
02-12190 S REYNOLDS-COLIN B USW C Karnes County
02-12192 S REYNOLDS-COLIN B USW E Karnes County
02-12199 CRABTREE-JEN-STEIN ULW A Karnes County
02-12208 CRABTREE-JEN-STEIN ULW B Karnes County
02-12209 CRABTREE-JENNINGS USW C Karnes County
02-12210 CRABTREE-JENNINGS USW D Karnes County
02-12211 CRABTREE-JENNINGS USW E Karnes County
02-12276 JEN-JAN-DAVIS ULW B Karnes County
02-12277 BODOGGINZ-JANSSEN USW A Karnes County
02-12293 JEN-JAN-DAVIS ULW A Karnes County
02-12335 M GOHLKE-BURGE USW B DeWitt County
02-12338 BODOGGINZ-JANSSEN USW C Karnes County
02-12382 RUCKMAN-SCHENDEL USW B Karnes County
02-12383 RUCKMAN-SCHENDEL USW C Karnes County
02-12409 GROSE A-KARNES B USW A Karnes County
02-12410 GROSE A-KARNES B USW B Karnes County
02-12411 GROSE A-KARNES B USW C Karnes County
02-12412 GROSE A-KARNES B USW D Karnes County
02-268558 GWOSDZ UNIT A DeWitt County
02-271125 KAREN KENNEDY UNIT B Live Oak County
02-276922 1893 OIL & GAS, LTD. UNIT D Live Oak County
02-287175 BUTLER A-304-BRYSCH USW A DeWitt County
02-291898 HILMER KOOPMANN A 274 DeWitt County
02-291941 SPEARY A - A VAUGHN USW B Karnes County
02-291956 HILMER KOOPMANN A 274 DeWitt County
02-291964 HILMER KOOPMANN A 274 DeWitt County
02-291965 HILMER KOOPMANN A 274 DeWitt County
02-292232 E&J YANTA - VAUGHN USW D Karnes County
02-292553 SCHENDEL-WILL A-B A Karnes County
02-292554 SCHENDEL-WILLEKE USW A Karnes County
02-292566 SCHENDEL-WILLEKE USW B Karnes County
02-292570 SCHENDEL UNIT A-189 Karnes County
02-292571 SCHENDEL UNIT A-189 Karnes County
02-292634 WILLEKE UNIT B Karnes County
02-293380 1893 G-H USW A Live Oak County
02-293482 1893 G-H USW C Live Oak County
02-293484 1893 G-H USW D Live Oak County
02-293496 1893 G-H USW E Live Oak County
02-293539 1893 G-H USW B Live Oak County

Drilling Permits Filed by Burlington Resources O & G Co LP