Burns, P. C. Oil Producers Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Burns, P. C. Oil Producers Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Burns, P. C. Oil Producers Inc.
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PO BOX 4867

Leases Operated by Burns, P. C. Oil Producers Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01806 SCALING, G. W. ETAL Clay County
09-01808 SCALING, G. W., ETAL Clay County
09-118830 SCALING "A" Clay County
09-17583 MYERS, VIOLA ESTATE Clay County
09-18284 NOE, H. M. Clay County
09-20147 WINES Clay County
09-20194 HODGES, VIOLA Clay County
09-20395 BROWN, JACK Clay County
09-20666 WINDLE, H. O. Clay County
09-21612 ALLIANCE TRUST Clay County
09-21772 KRAMER Montague County
09-22482 VIETH, F. Clay County
09-22627 SCALING, G. W. Clay County
09-23045 KRAMER "A" Montague County
09-23491 CASWELL Montague County
09-23593 BROWN, DELPHIA C. Clay County
09-23597 SCALING "A" Clay County
09-24460 WINDLE, H. O. Clay County
09-24525 SCALING "B" Clay County
09-24594 SCALING Clay County
09-24716 BROWN, JACK "C" Clay County
09-24719 BROWN, JACK "A" Clay County
09-25201 HENDERSON Montague County
09-25459 SHAVER Clay County
09-25625 PURSLEY, C. E. Hardeman County
09-25789 BROWN, JACK "B" Clay County
09-25791 HENDERSON Montague County
09-25837 BROWN, DELPHIA "C" Clay County
09-26501 DEER CREEK UNIT Clay County
09-28050 CHILDS HEIRS- FAE Clay County
09-28103 KRAMER UNIT Montague County
09-28752 BROWN, JACK "C" Clay County
8A-154782 MASTERSON King County
8A-159474 MASTERSON RANCH King County
8A-161134 MASTERSON B King County
8A-161135 MASTERSON A King County
8A-168559 MASTERSON A-6 King County
8A-170025 MASTERSON A King County
8A-170271 MASTERSON "B" King County
8A-172818 MASTERSON "B" UNIT King County
8A-175639 MASTERSON King County
8A-175642 MASTERSON King County
8A-176602 MASTERSON "J-1" UNIT King County
8A-178353 MASTERSON UNIT King County
8A-180373 MASTERSON "J-2" UNIT King County

Drilling Permits Filed by Burns, P. C. Oil Producers Inc.