Cabot Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Cabot Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Cabot Petroleum Corporation
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9400 N. BROADWAY EXT #608

Leases Operated by Cabot Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07415 TUMLINSON, BERTA Dimmit County
01-075702 TUMLINSON, BERTA Dimmit County
01-099583 BERTA TUMLINSON UNIT Dimmit County
03-108238 JUNKER, N. Fort Bend County
03-110867 KROESCHE, MILTON ET AL Fort Bend County
04-010992 GARCIA, JOSE G. Starr County
04-010996 VILLARREAL Starr County
04-034398 ENGLEMAN COMMUNITY -A- Hidalgo County
04-045551 GARCIA, JOSE, G. Starr County
04-05166 HINOJOSA, LIBERATA L., ETAL Hidalgo County
04-063309 MARSHALL BROS. Brooks County
04-067141 ENGELMAN COMMUNITY -A- Hidalgo County
04-069288 VILLARREAL Starr County
04-07134 OLIVAREZ, MIGUEL Starr County
04-072922 OLIVAR--DRESAR GAS UNIT # 1 Starr County
04-077636 ENGLEMAN COMMUNITY -A- Hidalgo County
04-08430 DEGUTIERREZ, OLIVIA L., UNIT II Starr County
04-08891 HINOJOSA, LIBERATA L., ET AL UNI Hidalgo County
04-090017 VELA, EULALIA Jim Hogg County
04-09458 VAQUILLAS RANCH CO. Webb County
04-103424 PENA-COATES MINERALS Starr County
04-103854 VILLAREAL Starr County
04-10611 VAQUILLAS RANCH CO. Webb County
04-10638 CHAPA, SOLOMON Hidalgo County
04-10666 PENA-COATES MINERALS Starr County
04-108411 ALVARADO, DANIEL GAS UNIT 1 Starr County
04-111260 GARCIA, DR. JOSE Starr County
04-111261 GARCIA, DR. JOSE Starr County
04-113336 GARCIA, DR. JOSE Starr County
04-113594 DE GUTIERREZ, OLIVIA Starr County
04-114296 OLIVAREZ, MIGUEL Starr County
04-116088 GARCIA, JOSE DR. Starr County
04-120829 ENGLEMAN COMMUNITY "A" Hidalgo County
10-023037 RUSCOE Gray County
10-041032 KELLN, DAVID Lipscomb County
10-04993 KIRBY "D" Gray County
10-05058 LOWE Roberts County
10-05451 LOWE (49-1) Roberts County
10-089316 KIRBY -D- Gray County
7B-117904 CABOT-KRAMER ET AL Palo Pinto County
7B-121088 SPINLER, ET AL GAS UNIT Parker County
7C-041171 WHIFFEN -A- Schleicher County
8A-63364 PFLUGER Lubbock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Cabot Petroleum Corporation