Callon Petroleum Operating Co Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Callon Petroleum Operating Co
Map of Wells Operated by Callon Petroleum Operating Co
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STE 2000


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Leases Operated by Callon Petroleum Operating Co

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-38675 CASSELMAN4 Midland County
08-38807 CASSELMAN8 Midland County
08-38816 CASSELMAN 16 Midland County
08-38873 CASSELMAN40 Midland County
08-38905 CASSELMAN10 Midland County
08-39239 DAVIS '33-20' Ward County
08-39289 KHC '33-26' Ward County
08-39540 DAVIS 33-19 Ward County
08-45613 GARRETT-REED UNIT 37-48 Howard County
08-46867 WRIGHT UNIT 40-33 Howard County
08-46895 RYDER UNIT Howard County
08-47395 LUJAN STATE Reeves County
08-47465 WRIGHT UNIT 'B' 41-32 Howard County
08-47770 SILVER CITY UNIT Howard County
08-47823 MASTERS UNIT Howard County
08-47824 PONDEROSA UNIT Howard County
08-47915 WRIGHT-ADAMS UNIT 31-42 Howard County
08-48260 KENDRA PSA 1 Midland County
08-48490 CHEEK UNIT A 28-21 Howard County
08-48626 CORBETS 34-149 Ward County
08-48671 INTERNATIONAL UNIT Howard County
08-49419 WRIGHT UNIT 29-20 Howard County
08-49582 ZACATE UNIT 151-152W Reeves County
08-49599 POLO GROUNDS UNIT 150-149 Reeves County
08-49815 KESEY UNIT 10-7 Reeves County
08-49988 MORAN A1 Ward County
08-50375 RAG RUN NW Ward County
08-50559 WRIGHT UNIT 33-40 A Howard County
08-50703 DIEZ UNIT 10 Reeves County
08-50974 GIBSON UNIT A 28-21 Howard County
08-51030 GIBSON UNIT 28-21 Howard County
08-51063 SLEEPING INDIAN A2 Ward County
08-51378 WALLY WORLD A1 Ward County
08-52224 BELL-CAPPS UNIT 214H Reeves County
08-52373 CLASSIC UNIT Howard County
08-52541 BLACK FLAG STATE UNIT 253-254W Reeves County
08-52769 BLUE TOPAZ STATE UNIT 251-252W Reeves County
08-52860 KHC 33-24 SE Ward County
08-53489 RAMONES UNIT 267-266E Reeves County
08-53719 POUTINE UNIT 57-330W Reeves County
08-53721 NIMITZ UNIT 187-188W Reeves County
08-53726 KESEY UNIT 10-7E Reeves County
08-53756 RENDEZVOUS SOUTH A1 Ward County
08-53791 ZACATE UNIT 151-152E Reeves County
08-53818 BEANZ STATE UNIT 159-158W Reeves County
08-53895 POUTINE UNIT 57-330E Reeves County
08-53928 FENWAY UNIT 141-140W Reeves County
08-53937 BLUE TOPAZ STATE UNIT 251-252E Reeves County
08-53982 WALLY A1 Ward County
08-55260 HORTON UNIT Howard County
08-55569 AMPHITHEATER A1 Ward County
08-55571 AMPHITHEATER A3 Ward County
08-55573 AMPHITHEATER A5 Ward County
08-56293 CHAPARRAL UNIT A1 Howard County
08-56307 LIMBER PINE A3 Ward County
08-56325 LIMBER PINE A5 Ward County
08-56331 LIMBER PINE A4 Ward County
08-56600 GIBSON EAST 22 Howard County
08-56671 GRAHAM UNIT 140-141 Reeves County
08-56679 NIMITZ 187-188E Reeves County
08-57002 CROWHEART Ward County
08-57083 DRAINAGE A1 Ward County
08-57086 ARENA A1 Ward County
08-57243 ELK ALLEY A3 Ward County
08-57320 ARENA A4 Ward County
08-57350 ARENA A2 Ward County
08-57359 ARENA A5 Ward County
08-57416 DRAINAGE A2 Ward County
08-57417 DRAINAGE A3 Ward County
08-57568 THE GREAT MILENKO UNIT 15-16 Reeves County
08-58262 TENSLEEP A2 Ward County
08-58271 RAG RUN SOUTH A3 Ward County
08-58272 RAG RUN SOUTH A2 Ward County
08-58654 CHAPARRAL UNIT A2 Borden County
08-58668 COLONIAL UNIT Howard County
08-58788 RAG RUN SOUTH A4 Ward County
7C-17203 NEAL Upton County
7C-18411 UNIVERSITY 2A Reagan County
7C-20170 EAGLEHEAD 'C' A4 Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Callon Petroleum Operating Co