Cavalier Oil & Gas, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Cavalier Oil & Gas, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Cavalier Oil & Gas, Inc.
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PO BOX 981

Leases Operated by Cavalier Oil & Gas, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000347 WEST, G. W. Zavala County
01-000348 WEST, G. W. Zavala County
01-000355 WINTERBOTHAM, GEORGE W. Zavala County
01-01508 SMITH, W. HRS. Caldwell County
01-03902 WEBB, R. Caldwell County
01-04356 JOHNSON, ANDREW Dimmit County
01-04364 KOTHMAN, I. O. Dimmit County
01-049746 WINTERBOTHAM A Zavala County
01-05438 MCKNIGHT -A- Dimmit County
01-05440 MCKNIGHT -B- Dimmit County
01-05441 MCKNIGHT -C- Dimmit County
01-05443 DOLAN, EMILY Dimmit County
01-05444 HANSEN, ANTON Dimmit County
01-05794 WEBB, RUEBEN Caldwell County
01-05963 WEST, G.W. Zavala County
01-06091 PENA, CRUZ Dimmit County
01-061756 HANSEN, ANTON Dimmit County
01-063169 MCKNIGHT -A- Dimmit County
01-064724 MCKNIGHT -C- Dimmit County
01-065515 MCKNIGHT Dimmit County
01-066882 MCKNIGHT -A- Dimmit County
01-077715 WEST, G. W. Zavala County
01-080394 GLASSCOCK, W. D. EST. Zavala County
01-080750 WINTERBOTHAM, GEORGE S. ET AL Zavala County
01-081173 GLASSCOCK, LETA J. Zavala County
01-082273 WINTERBOTHAM, J. M. ESTATE Zavala County
01-082274 WINTERBOTHAM, GEORGE -B- Zavala County
01-083341 CRUZ, PENA Dimmit County
01-083412 WEST, MARY ET AL Zavala County
01-084359 WINTERBOTHAM, GEORGE S. -B- Zavala County
01-084880 WINTERBOTHAM, GEO. S. Zavala County
01-090930 MCKNIGHT Dimmit County
01-106434 MCKNIGHT UNIT Dimmit County
01-11489 CARTER, R. W. Caldwell County
01-115103 PERRY Zavala County
01-13112 TOCQUIGNY Dimmit County
01-135361 WEST, MARY NAN Zavala County
01-14006 AMMAN, W.C. Dimmit County
01-14161 MCKNIGHT E. Dimmit County
01-14519 TILLER, D. G. (SCULLY) Caldwell County
01-14820 SMITH HEIRS Caldwell County
01-14829 SMITH HEIRS Caldwell County
01-14965 CARTER, R. W. Caldwell County
01-15009 BRISCOE, MARTHA Caldwell County
01-150772 TOCQUIGNEY - AMMON Dimmit County
01-15817 WEBB OIL UNIT II Caldwell County
01-16232 JELKS Caldwell County
01-16424 C & V WEBB Caldwell County
01-171123 MCKNIGHT UNIT "A" Dimmit County
01-171125 MCKNIGHT UNIT "B" Dimmit County
01-181462 WEST, G. W. Zavala County
01-20636 METCALFE OIL UNIT Caldwell County
02-068286 BOYCE, W. W. Goliad County
02-07848 T & H RANCH Bee County
02-08805 VOELKEL DeWitt County
02-111415 WIGGINS, A.C. ET AL DeWitt County
02-171758 BREZIK Lavaca County
02-196845 THIGPEN Lavaca County
02-197259 FOWKLES UNIT Lavaca County
02-215874 O. TERRY Lavaca County
02-220705 GOTT Lavaca County
02-228015 TERRY-GOTT UNIT Lavaca County
02-228063 TERRY-GOTT GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-229333 GOTT "A" Lavaca County
02-238232 TERRY-GUTIERREZ UNIT Lavaca County
03-03587 BURGESS, P. L. Brazoria County
03-03591 CLEMENT, H. Brazoria County
03-11477 GRUBBS Brazoria County
03-13101 SHARP CORPORATION Brazoria County
03-138871 MARTIN, ISABEL B. UNIT Brazoria County
03-153668 IP FARMS (M) Brazoria County
03-159218 PICA INVESTMENT Hardin County
03-173578 RUDY, MANUEL Brazoria County
03-176210 RUDY-BRADCO, MANUEL Brazoria County
03-176623 HOUSTON FARMS DEV. Brazoria County
03-21468 TY-TEX Chambers County
03-23461 GRUBBS Brazoria County
03-23728 ISABEL B. MARTIN UNIT Brazoria County
03-24186 PATHFINDER-LEWIS ET AL Waller County
04-07147 HARBISON, HELEN Jim Hogg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Cavalier Oil & Gas, Inc.