Chaparral (USA) Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Chaparral (USA) Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Chaparral (USA) Energy, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Chaparral (USA) Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-114619 BORCHERS, VIVIAN UNIT ET AL Lavaca County
02-123397 BORCHERS, VIVIAN ET AL Lavaca County
02-128596 BORCHERS, VIVIAN ET AL Lavaca County
02-132903 BORCHERS, VIVIAN Lavaca County
02-143518 BURNS Jackson County
02-145257 FENNER "B" Jackson County
02-148601 CAMPBELL Jackson County
02-149068 LIGHT Jackson County
02-150358 SMITH, ALMA Jackson County
04-11267 STATE TRACT 470 Nueces County
04-12368 STATE TRACT 470 Nueces County
04-12491 STATE TRACT 470 Nueces County
04-12545 STATE TRACT 470 Nueces County
04-129878 GARCIA, E. & BUCK, GEORGE L. Webb County
05-136011 MARSTERS Freestone County
06-03092 HILLARD, E. L. Harrison County
06-12749 WILCOXSON-COATS Wood County
06-144153 BLANCHARD "A" Cass County
06-145053 TERRY "B" Cass County
06-145993 HAYNES Cass County
08-01328 BROWN-ALTMAN -C- Winkler County
08-01639 JONES, R. C. Andrews County
08-019703 BROWN-ALTMAN -A- Winkler County
08-019745 COWDEN -S- Winkler County
08-02867 JONES, PERCY Howard County
08-02923 JONES, PERCY -B- Howard County
08-03242 BROWN, EUGENIA E. Winkler County
08-06217 ODANIEL -A- Howard County
08-07345 HILL Ward County
08-07362 STATE OF TEXAS -E- Ward County
08-106268 HILL, A. G - HALEY Loving County
08-114523 QUINN, B. E. Loving County
08-117324 HALEY 38 Loving County
08-119929 BOWDLE ESTATE "47" Loving County
08-122523 HALEY "36" Loving County
08-134349 BROWN-ALTMAN "E" A/C 2 Winkler County
08-137196 BROWN ALTMAN "D" Winkler County
08-159891 BROWN ALTMAN "E" A/C 2 Winkler County
08-21871 ECTOR -AZ- FEE Ector County
08-28164 GRACE Reeves County
08-28517 BROWN-ALTMAN (CFG) Winkler County
08-31724 HILL "A" Ward County
08-32379 SPENCER Ward County
08-34823 GRACE Reeves County
08-35170 BRO SELTZER Reeves County
08-36762 BOWDLE ESTATE "47" Loving County
09-14722 THRASH Hardeman County
10-03740 NORTH PERRYTON UNIT Ochiltree County
10-05795 BOOKER TOWNSITE 'A' Lipscomb County
10-06131 URSCHEL, L. B. Hemphill County
10-06287 SCHNEIDER Lipscomb County
10-06516 BRITT Wheeler County
10-07083 GRAMSTORFF (UPPER MORROW) Lipscomb County
10-07146 BOOKER-TROSPER (UPPER MORROW) Ochiltree County
10-072243 SHEFFY Sherman County
10-100148 LAUBHAN Lipscomb County
10-167376 CROOKS Hansford County
10-172130 HOOVER Ochiltree County
10-173529 ALEXANDER Hansford County
10-174556 MEKEEL "B" Ochiltree County
7B-01779 HUDDLESTON -A- Fisher County
7B-04405 HUNT, C. O. Stonewall County
7B-10718 BROWN, R. J. -B- Stephens County
7B-10849 BROWN, R. J. Stephens County
7B-14890 REDWINE Haskell County
7B-158371 BROWN, R.J. Stephens County
7C-058392 MITCHELL G.K. Terrell County
7C-094721 COX, L. B. JR. Crockett County
7C-098161 UNIVERSITY Reagan County
7C-098473 COX, VERNON B. "A" Crockett County
7C-102025 COX, L. B. JR. Crockett County
7C-102026 COX, VERNON B. "A" Crockett County
7C-102226 COX, L. B. "B" Crockett County
7C-103468 COX, VERNON B. "B" Crockett County
7C-105274 COX, VERNON B. "A" Crockett County
7C-10608 SHANNON "A" Crockett County
7C-13952 BOYLES Reagan County
7C-13953 SUGG-E- Reagan County
8A-63371 BADLANDS Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Chaparral (USA) Energy, Inc.