Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C.
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Leases Operated by Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15213 LAZY A COTULLA Dimmit County
01-15317 FAITH-SAN PEDRO Dimmit County
01-15325 WHEELER McMullen County
01-15332 FOX CREEK McMullen County
01-15346 SHINING STAR RANCH La Salle County
01-15409 BURNS RANCH La Salle County
01-15428 ROGERS Dimmit County
01-15438 DILWORTH, FRANCES McMullen County
01-15561 VALLEY WELLS Dimmit County
01-15564 FAITH-YANA Dimmit County
01-15569 VESPER DIM Dimmit County
01-15584 FAITH-BONITA Dimmit County
01-15587 MCKENZIE McMullen County
01-15593 BIG WELLS SOUTH DIM Dimmit County
01-15679 RANCHO D LA TIERRA ROJA La Salle County
01-15727 PRINCE MCM McMullen County
01-15787 COUNTISS Atascosa County
01-16145 KINSEL LAS La Salle County
01-16252 STUMBERG STATE DIM Dimmit County
01-16333 BUNTIN DIM Dimmit County
01-16343 GIBSON DIM Dimmit County
01-16462 JJ HENRY IX McMullen County
01-16507 PEELER MCM McMullen County
01-16598 JJ HENRY UNIT IV McMullen County
01-16650 MCFADIN UNIT I DIM Dimmit County
01-16864 PEELER RANCH MCM McMullen County
01-16868 FRIO RIVER RANCH McMullen County
01-19090 FAITH TORO DIM Dimmit County
01-19202 VESPER UNIT IV DIM Dimmit County
01-19312 MCKENZIE-FOLEY HC4 MCM McMullen County
01-19540 VALLEY WELLS HC7 DIM Dimmit County
01-19560 VALLEY WELLS HC6 DIM Dimmit County
01-19781 JJ HENRY HC2 UNIT II McMullen County
01-19791 JJ HENRY HC1 UNIT V McMullen County
01-20003 VALLEY WELLS HC10 DIM Dimmit County
01-20174 MCKENZIE HC6 McMullen County
01-20188 MCKENZIE HC3 McMullen County
01-20642 NORTH ROGERS Q EAST UNIT Dimmit County
01-20658 DOUGHERTY LAS HC1 La Salle County
01-20712 FAITH-SAN PEDRO M UNIT Dimmit County
01-20713 FAITH-SAN PEDRO N UNIT Dimmit County
01-20714 NORTH ROGERS HC2 Dimmit County
01-20715 NORTH ROGERS HC1 Dimmit County
01-20718 KKL HC2 La Salle County
01-20725 FAITH YANA G UNIT Dimmit County
01-20729 KKL HC4 La Salle County
01-20742 KKL HC3 La Salle County
01-20758 NORTH ROGERS H EAST UNIT Dimmit County
01-20759 NORTH ROGERS HC3 Dimmit County
01-20770 NORTH ROGERS Q WEST UNIT Dimmit County
01-286108 PGE DOS Webb County
01-286109 PGE DOS Webb County
01-286137 PGE DOS Webb County
01-286535 PGE DOS Webb County
01-286804 PGE DOS Webb County
01-287455 PGE BROWNE Webb County
01-287473 PGE BROWNE Webb County
01-287482 PGE BROWNE Webb County
01-289734 GATES 010 CHK-B 1286 Webb County
01-289837 GATES 010 CHK-A TR3 Webb County
01-291494 PGE DOS Webb County
01-291624 PGE DOS Webb County
01-291642 PGE DOS Webb County
01-291818 PGE DOS Webb County
01-291877 PGE DOS Webb County
01-291896 GATES 010 CHK-B TR1 Dimmit County
01-291927 PGE DOS Webb County
03-27513 HERRMANN EF UNIT Burleson County
03-27660 EASY RIDER Burleson County
03-27683 RAYMOND UNIT Burleson County
03-27715 REGAN UNIT Burleson County
03-27718 LUTHER Brazos County
03-27781 BOXER B Burleson County
03-27826 COLLEGE STATION Brazos County
03-27982 BUSH A Burleson County
03-27983 BUSH B Burleson County
03-27984 JOHN GERDES HCX2 Burleson County
03-287862 SEILHEIMER Washington County
03-288419 BAGGETT Washington County
05-243496 BOSWELL Robertson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C.