Chevron U. S. A. Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Chevron U. S. A. Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Chevron U. S. A. Inc.
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Leases Operated by Chevron U. S. A. Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-02100 GOLDSMITH, C. A., ETAL Ector County
08-04010 MABEE UNIT Andrews County
08-04157 CRIER-MCELROY Crane County
08-04161 MCELROY, J. T., CONS. Crane County
08-06390 MCCLINTIC -E- Midland County
08-07337 HUTCHINGS STOCK ASSN. Ward County
08-07338 OBRIEN, G. W., ETAL Ward County
08-20831 NORTH WESTBROOK UNIT Mitchell County
08-25374 HUTCHINGS STOCK ASSN. Ward County
08-26670 O'BRIEN, G. W. ETAL Ward County
08-285833 HAY ARIA 03/46 Culberson County
08-295214 DR STATE WISE UNIT 1 Culberson County
08-295549 HAY MAYA B Culberson County
08-295552 HAY MAYA C Culberson County
08-295553 HAY MAYA D Culberson County
08-295685 HAY MAYA A Culberson County
08-295691 HAY MATTHEW F Culberson County
08-295712 HAY MATTHEW C Culberson County
08-295754 HAY MATTHEW D Culberson County
08-295766 HAY MATTHEW A Culberson County
08-295786 HAY MATTHEW E Culberson County
08-43259 SCHARBAUER, C. Midland County
08-43735 SOA SCHARBAUER SE Midland County
08-44361 SCHARBAUER, C. 'A' Midland County
08-44768 SOA SCHARBAUER SW Midland County
08-44932 REEVES TXL FEE T7-50-21 Reeves County
08-49178 REEVES STATE T7-50-30 Reeves County
08-49677 REV GF STATE T7-50-43 Reeves County
08-50119 GBG 41/38 UNIT Midland County
08-50122 REV GF STATE T7 50 Reeves County
08-50384 BRD WRIGLEY UNIT Midland County
08-51039 BRD ASTRODOME UNIT Midland County
08-51273 TEXAS TEN 13/16 Midland County
08-51997 REEVES TXL FEE T7-50-29 Reeves County
08-53300 CMC PEONY A Midland County
08-53675 GBG CERBERUS 34/39 UNIT Midland County
08-54306 CMC BLUEBONNET 17/29 UNIT Midland County
08-54500 CMC TIGER UNIT Midland County
08-54568 GBG REEDY 13/25 UNIT Midland County
08-54854 WAR UNIVERSITY 18 22/24 A Ward County
08-54856 WAR UNIVERSITY 18 22/24 C Ward County
08-54857 WAR UNIVERSITY 18 22/24 D Ward County
08-54858 WAR UNIVERSITY 18 22/24 Ward County
08-55463 VLT TITAN UNIT Howard County
08-55464 VLT SATURN UNIT Howard County
08-57044 CMC SUNFLOWER 7-19 D Midland County
08-57098 CMC SUNFLOWER F Midland County
08-57202 CMC CANDLESTICK UNIT Midland County
08-57344 BEXAR 11-14 WEST UNIT Reeves County
08-57404 BEXAR 11-14 EAST UNIT Reeves County
08-57836 CMC NIGHTSHADE 17/5 UNIT Midland County
08-57852 VLT THOR STATE UNIT Howard County
08-57887 REV BX T8-51-14 UNIT Reeves County
08-57888 REV BX STATE T8-51-12 Reeves County
08-58135 REV BX T7-51-45 UNIT Reeves County
08-58429 VLT DELTA 4-9 UNIT Howard County
08-58489 REV WOR 3 / 7 A Reeves County
08-58557 GBG CRONUS 41-5 B Midland County
08-58559 GBG CRONUS 41-5 D Midland County
08-58562 GBG CRONUS 41-5 F Midland County
08-58564 GBG CRONUS 41-5 G Midland County
08-58680 GBG CRONUS 41-5 H Midland County
08-58853 VLT COLT UNIT Martin County
08-58856 VLT HOWA UNIT Martin County
08-59109 GBG CRONUS 41-5 C Midland County
08-59274 REV BX STEVE GREEN C Reeves County
08-59287 REV BX STEVE GREEN D Reeves County
08-59301 REV BX STEVE GREEN B Reeves County
08-59379 CMC SNAPDRAGON 19-31 UNIT Midland County
08-59436 GBG CRONUS 41-5 I Midland County
08-59644 REV GF STATE T7-50-38 D Reeves County
08-59645 REV GF STATE T7-50-38 E Reeves County
08-59782 REV GF STATE T7-50-38 F Reeves County
08-59990 CMC BUTTERCUP 25-37 UNIT Midland County
08-60597 REV GF STATE T7-50-38 Reeves County
8A-60465 JO-MILL UNIT Borden County
8A-66735 SYCO UNIT Gaines County
8A-67166 SUNDOWN SLAUGHTER UNIT Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Chevron U. S. A. Inc.