Cimarex Energy Co. Of Colorado Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Cimarex Energy Co. Of Colorado
Map of Wells Operated by Cimarex Energy Co. Of Colorado
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Leases Operated by Cimarex Energy Co. Of Colorado

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12959 E. E. SMITH UNIT 1 Gonzales County
01-13083 E. E. SMITH UNIT 2 Gonzales County
02-06849 KOONTZ C Goliad County
02-07246 LAMBERT-WOOD Goliad County
03-068752 COLLINS GAS UNIT Harris County
08-01304 COWDEN, EMMA TRACT -C- Andrews County
08-03264 STATE WALTON -E- Winkler County
08-03287 WALTON, J. B. A/C 2 Winkler County
08-05268 JOHNSON-STATE Crane County
08-19374 EMMA /SAN ANDRES/ UNIT Andrews County
08-20417 BLOCK 9 UNIT Andrews County
08-21120 WESTBROOK SOUTHWEST UNIT Mitchell County
08-24309 SEALY-SMITH "F" Winkler County
08-24694 SEALY-SMITH "H" Winkler County
08-25148 TUBB-STATE, J.B. Crane County
08-26628 KEYSTONE CATTLE COMPANY Winkler County
08-26834 ATLANTIC STATE Crane County
08-27106 KEYSTONE CATTLE COMPANY Winkler County
08-32971 SIMON-LITTMAN -7- Andrews County
08-33368 TUBB-STATE, J. B. Crane County
08-34430 UNIVERSITY 7 Ward County
08-34617 UNIVERSITY "48" Winkler County
08-34716 UNIVERSITY "45" A Winkler County
08-34783 UNIVERSITY "8" Ward County
08-34970 MAG-SEALY (YATES) UNIT Ward County
08-35132 UNIVERSITY "38" Winkler County
08-35234 SEALY "90" Winkler County
08-35332 WARWINK UNIVERSITY "18-37" -A- Ward County
08-35624 FORTSON "47" Ward County
08-35670 WARWINK UNIVERSITY 18-35 'B' Ward County
08-35705 WARWINK UNIVERSITY 18-25 'A' Ward County
08-37765 SAMURAI Winkler County
08-37845 SAMURAI UNIT Winkler County
08-38020 SAMURAI "A" Winkler County
08-38584 CIMAREX UNIVERSITY 18-36 Ward County
08-38658 HOWARD 33-22 Ward County
08-38700 BARNES, D. E. ESTATE Ward County
08-38719 EFFIE PONDER EST. 33-18 Ward County
08-38733 CIMAREX UNIVERSITY '20-43' Ward County
08-39086 CIMAREX UNIVERSITY 18-39 Ward County
08-39277 WORSHAM '6-22' Reeves County
08-42209 PHILLIPS Glasscock County
08-42210 CHALK -A- Howard County
08-42211 CHALK, OTIS /EO/ Howard County
08-42224 KLOH Glasscock County
08-42228 DOUTHIT, E. W. -A- Howard County
08-42229 DOUTHIT, E. W. -B- Howard County
08-42235 CLAY Howard County
08-42240 CHALK, G. O. Howard County
08-50422 WARWINK UNIVERSITY 18-34-33 UNIT Ward County
09-02483 COX, D. A. Cooke County
09-02484 SNUGGS, FRED Cooke County
09-10727 COX, D. A. Cooke County
09-11967 WALNUT BEND FIELD UNIT NO. 1 Cooke County
09-26978 NORTH WALNUT BEND UNIT Cooke County
09-27427 WALNUT BEND FIELD UNIT Cooke County
09-28478 MCGEORGE, PERCY Cooke County
10-165635 ISAACS 1 Hemphill County
10-251724 FLOWERS 84 Hemphill County
10-255342 WIGGINS 54 Hemphill County
10-256632 FLOWERS 84 Hemphill County
10-278337 CAMPBELL, J.C. 37 Hemphill County
10-278377 HOBART RANCH 19 Hemphill County
7C-00662 JOHNSON, LOU E., ESTATE, A/C 1 Coke County
7C-05142 ROCKER, B. -N- Reagan County
7C-07940 JOHNSON, LOU E. ESTATE A/C 2 Coke County
7C-10998 JOHNSON, LOU E. ESTATE A/C 4 Sterling County
7C-14573 ROCKER "B" Irion County
8A-03529 VEAL Cochran County
8A-05740 HARDEE, B. Scurry County
8A-05741 HOUSE, E. Scurry County
8A-13465 CLAYTON, A.M. "E" NCT-2 Borden County
8A-16268 WILLIAMS-MABRY Yoakum County
8A-63532 RAMSEY Terry County
8A-65672 N. HUNTLEY UNIT Garza County
8A-67862 WISDOM UNIT Terry County
8A-67887 MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNIT Cochran County
8A-68005 LILLY Terry County
8A-68293 GRANBURY Terry County
8A-68423 HUFNALL Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Cimarex Energy Co. Of Colorado