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Leases Operated by COG Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-37798 JOHNSON, TED Martin County
08-38014 CROSS BAR RANCH Andrews County
08-38431 JOHNSON RANCH Martin County
08-38844 SPANISH TRAIL Midland County
08-39583 PARKS, ROY Midland County
08-39630 PARKS FIELD UNIT 2 Midland County
08-44043 BIG CHIEF Reeves County
08-45515 KEYSTONE Midland County
08-46941 RUDD DRAW 29-3 Loving County
08-46971 LUDEMAN D Loving County
08-48102 SPANISH TRAIL 47 HZ UNIT Midland County
08-48103 SPANISH TRAIL 48 HZ UNIT Midland County
08-48498 MASK HZ UNIT Midland County
08-49307 ICEMAN UNIT Reeves County
08-49376 MCC HZ UNIT Midland County
08-49497 THE SPHINX Reeves County
08-49857 CALVERLEY 37-36 Glasscock County
08-51543 RISING SUN UNIT Reeves County
08-51948 SPANISH TRAIL HZ UNIT Midland County
08-52238 WAHOO 53-2-23 LOV UNIT Loving County
08-52910 KUDU 53-2-6 LOV W UNIT Loving County
08-53121 PARKS BELL HZ UNIT Ector County
08-53231 SANDSTORM UNIT Reeves County
08-56366 MABEE DDA F12 Andrews County
08-57184 A.B. HARRINGTON H5 Midland County
08-57185 A.B. HARRINGTON H9 Midland County
08-57193 ECHO A UNIT Loving County
08-57210 ECHO B UNIT Loving County
08-57264 A.B. HARRINGTON H4 Midland County
08-57309 A.B. HARRINGTON H8 Midland County
08-57310 ACE IN THE HOLE Reeves County
08-57531 MABEE DDA F19 Andrews County
08-57824 A.B. HARRINGTON H18 Midland County
08-58007 A.B. HARRINGTON H19 Midland County
08-58081 A.B. HARRINGTON H15 Midland County
08-58254 POWDERHORN UNIT Reeves County
08-58437 MABEE DDA F48 Andrews County
08-58628 MABEE DDA F33 Andrews County
08-58631 AFTERMATH EAST B UNIT Loving County
08-58937 KATIE STATE A7 Midland County
08-59196 SLINGSHOT A1 Loving County
08-59461 MABEE DDA K20 Martin County
08-59462 MABEE DDA K21 Martin County
08-59463 MABEE DDA K22 Martin County
08-59465 MABEE DDA K25 Martin County
08-59466 MABEE DDA K26 Martin County
08-59467 MABEE DDA K27 Martin County
08-59470 MABEE DDA K14 Martin County
08-59471 MABEE DDA K15 Martin County
08-59475 MABEE DDA K24 Martin County
08-59513 RATLIFF JGA1 Ector County
08-59553 MABEE DDA K19 Martin County
08-59633 SHOCKWAVE UNIT A Loving County
08-59928 DREADNAUGHT D Loving County
08-59951 AFTERSHOCK WEST B UNIT Loving County
08-59962 RUDD DRAW E Loving County
08-59972 DREADNAUGHT F Loving County
7C-17147 PEGASUS SPRABERRY UNIT Midland County
7C-17154 PEGASUS FIELD UNIT 3 Midland County
7C-17161 AMERICAN REPUBLICS "A" Upton County
7C-19366 NEAL RANCH 42 UNIT Upton County
7C-21371 NEAL RANCH 41 UNIT Upton County
7C-21563 LONG SHOT UNIT Upton County
7C-21910 NEAL RANCH 36 UNIT Upton County
7C-21969 TXL HOLZGRAF Y3 Upton County
7C-21970 TXL HOLZGRAF Y4 Upton County
7C-21971 TXL HOLZGRAF Y6 Upton County
7C-21973 TXL HOLZGRAF Y2 Upton County
7C-21974 TXL HOLZGRAF Y7 Upton County
7C-21975 TXL HOLZGRAF Y10 Upton County
7C-21976 TXL HOLZGRAF Y9 Upton County
7C-21977 TXL HOLZGRAF Y11 Upton County
7C-21978 TXL STATE Y13 Upton County
7C-21982 TXL STATE Y14 Upton County
7C-21983 TXL STATE Y15 Upton County
7C-21986 TXL HOLZGRAF Y5 Upton County
7C-21987 TXL HOLZGRAF Y8 Upton County
7C-22004 TXL HOLZGRAF Y12R Upton County
7C-22094 POWELL-NEAL UNIT Upton County
7C-22148 KLONDIKE A2 Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by COG Operating LLC