Concho Oilfield Serv & Oper Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Concho Oilfield Serv & Oper Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Concho Oilfield Serv & Oper Co.
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PO BOX 517
EDEN, TX 76837


Leases Operated by Concho Oilfield Serv & Oper Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04952 HUNTER, B.V. Frio County
08-30101 REEVES -BE- Reeves County
08-30722 REYNOLDS Glasscock County
08-31190 BUCKLES Ward County
08-31639 SAM -B- Ward County
08-32608 REEVES -BO- FEE Reeves County
08-33458 HORWOOD Sterling County
08-36100 SABRE-GRAY-HD Reeves County
7B-13742 HINDS, CARROLL Coleman County
7B-157407 HINDS, CARROLL Coleman County
7B-26029 MITCHAM Brown County
7C-019183 TURNER, CARRIE L. Kimble County
7C-054228 DUNBAR, LEONARD Kimble County
7C-054229 LIVINGSTON, J. M. MRS. Kimble County
7C-054726 TAYLOR-DUNBAR Kimble County
7C-055185 LIVINGSTON, J. M. MRS. Kimble County
7C-055381 DUNBAR, LEONARD Kimble County
7C-07583 STASNEY, MALCORINE W. Concho County
7C-08962 WILBANKS Runnels County
7C-09027 SPECK-O-LOVE 2002 Concho County
7C-11931 ATWOOD Concho County
7C-12149 HENDERSON Concho County
7C-12272 ELLIS, C. M. "B" Concho County
7C-12365 HENDERSON "70" Concho County
7C-12609 SORRELL, DANIEL Menard County
7C-12630 BRYANT, M. D. EST. Irion County
7C-12712 MENZIES, ALEX Menard County
7C-12719 MENZIES, ALEX Menard County
7C-12819 SCHREIBER, HAROLD Concho County
7C-12892 SEFCIK Menard County
7C-12979 HURST, C. H. Concho County
7C-12983 MENZIES, A. Menard County
7C-129973 KITCHENS Concho County
7C-13022 MENZIES, ALEX Menard County
7C-13092 GREEN, J. B. Concho County
7C-13147 CAMPBELL Runnels County
7C-13282 MENZIES, ALEX C Menard County
7C-13380 NICHOLS Menard County
7C-144399 MILLAR, A. Concho County
7C-144400 MILLAR-LOVELESS Concho County
7C-144728 SCOTT Concho County
7C-14548 NICHOLS, J. Menard County
7C-14642 LADY LINDA Concho County
7C-14643 ELLA HOUSTON "4" Concho County
7C-14766 RUSSELL HEIRS Menard County
7C-14836 HUTCHINSON Concho County
7C-14840 ELLIS, T. R. Concho County
7C-14957 STANSBERRY HEIRS Concho County
7C-14999 SPECK,JOE McCulloch County
7C-15113 NICHOLS/HURST UNIT Menard County
7C-15259 NICHOLS, JOHN Concho County
7C-15286 S & H LIVESTOCK Concho County
7C-15287 RUSSELL, BARBARA ETAL Menard County
7C-15317 S & H LIVESTOCK Concho County
7C-15357 MENZIES, ALEX Menard County
7C-153669 WHITEHEAD Concho County
7C-17023 M. TORRES Concho County
7C-17294 MENZIES Menard County
7C-17476 SCOTT Concho County
7C-17683 LANG Concho County
7C-17908 MARY MENZIES Menard County
7C-17955 TORRES Concho County
7C-183966 STANSBERRY HEIRS Concho County
7C-18519 ROY RAUCH Concho County
7C-188100 MUDGE Kimble County
7C-18874 LOZANO A UNIT Kimble County
7C-19001 JACQUELYN SPISER Concho County
7C-190545 MOLESWORTH Kimble County
7C-19088 ROY RAUCH Concho County
7C-191877 MOLESWORTH Kimble County
7C-199040 MUDGE Kimble County
7C-199044 MOLESWORTH Kimble County
7C-199589 MUDGE Kimble County
7C-206669 KRIEG Concho County
7C-208869 MUDGE B Kimble County
7C-209050 MOLESWORTH Kimble County
7C-210668 MUDGE Kimble County
7C-211219 MUDGE B Kimble County
7C-276619 ROY RAUCH Concho County
8A-63806 CORBELL, J. R. "A" Mitchell County

Drilling Permits Filed by Concho Oilfield Serv & Oper Co.