Crescent Pass Energy, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crescent Pass Energy, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Crescent Pass Energy, LLC
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19500 STATE HWY 249 STE 570


Leases Operated by Crescent Pass Energy, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-26306 FASKE BIRNBAUM Lee County
03-26307 ALBERT LUECKE UNIT Lee County
03-26340 BALL UNIT Lee County
03-26377 FREEMAN UNIT Lee County
03-26394 HARKRIDER UNIT Lee County
03-26450 LEONA LUECKE UNIT Lee County
03-26557 JAEGER UNIT Lee County
03-26558 FROSCH UNIT Lee County
03-26559 REUTHER UNIT Lee County
03-26560 UMLANG-LEHMANN UNIT Lee County
03-26657 F.W. LUECKE Lee County
03-26658 PEDRO VEGA UNIT Lee County
03-26661 MCCOWAN UNIT Lee County
03-26662 STEAHR UNIT Lee County
03-26663 BEISERT UNIT Lee County
03-26664 BLACKJACK RANCH UNIT Lee County
03-26667 KNOBLOCH UNIT Lee County
03-26668 KISSMAN UNIT Lee County
03-26774 RANGEL-BEHRENS UNIT Lee County
03-26986 EIGHT BALL UNIT Lee County
03-27476 CITATION UNIT Lee County
03-27478 WHIRLAWAY UNIT Lee County
03-27479 SECRETARIAT UNIT Lee County
03-27511 AFFIRMED UNIT Lee County
03-27515 WAR ADMIRAL UNIT Lee County
03-27532 MAN O WAR UNIT Lee County
03-27565 ASSAULT UNIT Lee County
03-27567 GALLANT FOX UNIT Lee County
03-27654 SEATTLE SLEW UNIT Lee County
05-079551 QUINN ESTATE Limestone County
05-143150 QUINN ESTATE Limestone County
05-145082 SPENCE, RALPH Limestone County
05-151105 ROTHERMEL, PAUL Limestone County
05-157924 ROTHERMEL, PAUL Limestone County
05-159564 MILLER, A.H. Limestone County
05-170969 TUCKER Limestone County
05-189406 EMMONS UNIT Freestone County
05-190173 AUTREY UNIT Robertson County
05-193608 PYRAMID LAND Freestone County
05-196223 EVANS, A. O. JR Freestone County
05-210135 BEAR CREEK Robertson County
05-213106 PEISKEE UNIT Robertson County
05-223576 HILL, F. R. GAS UNIT NO. 1 Freestone County
05-223852 LAW UNIT Robertson County
05-227313 REID, KAREN Robertson County
05-229922 EVERETT Limestone County
05-233451 DANIEL, PETER EST. Freestone County
05-234745 THORNE-BARKLEY GU 1 Leon County
05-241559 CRENSHAW, F. H. (CV) GU1 Freestone County
05-241716 FOLK GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-241747 ROLKE RANCH Robertson County
05-241901 WATSON, HANNAH NO. 1 GAS UNIT Leon County
05-242947 CRENSHAW, F. H. (CV) GU1 Freestone County
05-244352 M.T. PEYTON (NEAL) B (SA) Freestone County
05-245004 PEYTON, MT GU1 Freestone County
05-247582 CRENSHAW, F. H. (CV) GU1 Freestone County
05-249225 THOMPSON, MILDRED Limestone County
05-250552 NEAL, C. E. GAS UNIT B-1 Freestone County
05-250607 J.R.THOMASON GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-250608 MOODY ESTATE GAS UNIT 2 Freestone County
05-250789 BEAR CREEK Robertson County
05-251125 NEAL, C. E. GAS UNIT B-1 Freestone County
05-255066 IVY B GU1 Freestone County
05-256509 FOLK GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-257370 MT PEYTON-FE HILL (SA) Freestone County
05-257531 MILDRED THOMPSON "A" Limestone County
05-257541 HB PYLE A-NEAL B (SA) Freestone County
05-258866 F R HILL -CRENSHAW (SA) Freestone County
05-258867 B E QUINN-NETTLES-MILES (SA) Limestone County
05-259798 MOODY ESTATE GAS UNIT 2 Freestone County
05-261741 MOODY ESTATES GAS UNIT 1 Freestone County
05-262213 P ROTHERMEL-NETTLES-MILES (SA) Limestone County
05-263117 L O NETTLES-MILES (SA) Limestone County
05-281872 ALEXANDER, TONI Limestone County
05-282970 MCBRIDE GAS UNIT NO. 1 Leon County
05-284175 MCFERRAN U-BURLESON MCBAY U Limestone County
05-284368 NETTLES U-MCFERRAN LCCO Limestone County
06-15368 SHANKLES UNIT Cherokee County
06-260256 WOOD Harrison County
06-264762 WINSTON HEIRS Harrison County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crescent Pass Energy, LLC