Crest Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crest Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Crest Resources, Inc.
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TULSA, OK 74103


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Leases Operated by Crest Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-136417 GRIGAR Fort Bend County
03-168730 GRIGAR Fort Bend County
04-13108 LEHMAN, W. F. L. Nueces County
04-13170 LEHMAN, W. F. L. Nueces County
04-13207 LEHMAN Nueces County
04-13571 ZDANSKY Nueces County
04-180423 JENNINGS Zapata County
04-196378 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-196872 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-205982 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-208726 CHAPMAN, J.O. Nueces County
04-249320 WALLEY Nueces County
04-252970 CANALES Duval County
05-218849 HOWARD, BEN Leon County
06-14835 MORRIS Red River County
06-14900 MORRIS, JON Red River County
06-14911 MORRIS, JON Red River County
06-15198 ROSS Red River County
10-07398 BRYANT Wheeler County
10-075151 HARDIN UNIT Wheeler County
10-07602 MARTIN, W. H. Roberts County
10-07640 TIPPS, O.R. Roberts County
10-08506 COLTHARP Wheeler County
10-08580 BUCKINGHAM Wheeler County
10-08836 DABERRY Wheeler County
10-08868 CHAMP DAVIS Wheeler County
10-09266 FABIAN Wheeler County
10-163838 DABERRY Wheeler County
10-166539 FABIAN Wheeler County
10-168732 BRYANT Wheeler County
10-169550 HART Hansford County
10-170461 COLTHARP Wheeler County
10-172275 HART Hansford County
10-173831 COLTHARP Wheeler County
10-175319 FABIAN Wheeler County
10-176466 DABERRY Wheeler County
10-181874 BRYANT Wheeler County
10-183535 FABIAN Wheeler County
10-183847 DABERRY Wheeler County
10-184670 BRYANT Wheeler County
10-184956 BUCKINGHAM Wheeler County
10-187295 FABIAN Wheeler County
10-191561 DABERRY Wheeler County
10-198661 ALEXANDER Hemphill County
10-203049 MAHLER Hemphill County
10-207599 BRYANT Wheeler County
10-214993 KELLN Lipscomb County
10-219371 KILLEBREW Roberts County
10-220003 DABERRY Wheeler County
10-221215 MARTIN, W.H. Roberts County
10-227397 MEKEEL Ochiltree County
10-227452 WEBB Hemphill County
10-227453 URSCHEL RANCH Hemphill County
10-227947 ESTHER MAY Ochiltree County
10-244708 MARTIN 2 Roberts County
10-247372 FABIAN Wheeler County
10-249438 URSCHEL Hemphill County
10-257281 BUCKINGHAM Wheeler County
10-261386 CHAMP DAVIS Wheeler County
10-261464 DAVIS Wheeler County
10-261868 COLTHARP Wheeler County
10-265496 BUCKINGHAM Wheeler County
10-266305 BUCKINGHAM Wheeler County
10-267820 DAVIS Wheeler County
10-269034 BUCKINGHAM Wheeler County
10-269626 CHAMP DAVIS Wheeler County
10-275049 DAVIS 3 Wheeler County
10-275685 CHAMP DAVIS Wheeler County
10-276203 CHAMP DAVIS Wheeler County
10-276905 KILLEBREW Roberts County
10-282627 G.C. DAVIS Wheeler County
10-294162 MARTIN, W. H. Roberts County
8A-68036 SPIRES 717 Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crest Resources, Inc.