Crossbow Resources, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crossbow Resources, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Crossbow Resources, LLC
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P O BOX 1925
GRAHAM, TX 76450


Leases Operated by Crossbow Resources, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-031243 FRICK-STRICKLAND Jack County
09-035523 STRICKLAND, H. W., -A- Wise County
09-042522 SHAWVER-CRAMER Jack County
09-13053 HAMM, M. E. Young County
09-204339 MCKENZIE UNIT NO. 1 Jack County
09-205410 WINFORD UNIT Jack County
09-205718 STRICKLAND, H. Jack County
09-225532 MCINROE, CARROLL Erath County
09-228068 CHADWELL, ODELL Parker County
09-228069 CHADWELL, ODELL "A" Parker County
09-23012 HIPPARD Young County
09-241199 TAYLOR & MAULDIN Wise County
09-262627 CRAIN Erath County
09-262629 SPRADLING Erath County
09-28864 JOHNSON, GLADYS Jack County
7B-018290 CAUDLE, J. B. Comanche County
7B-018294 DUNN, CARL H. Comanche County
7B-018296 FIELDS, HONORA B., MRS., ET AL Eastland County
7B-018302 POTEET, LEE Comanche County
7B-018303 POTEET, OMA -A- Comanche County
7B-018304 POTEET, OMA -B- Comanche County
7B-018310 WHITLOCK, F. B. Comanche County
7B-018560 ALEXANDER, A. V. Erath County
7B-018562 BURRIS, J. W. Erath County
7B-018564 EVANS, J. B. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-018574 JACOBS, I. N. Erath County
7B-018576 KEMP, H. J. Erath County
7B-018580 MORING, C. S. Erath County
7B-018581 MORING, J. E. Erath County
7B-018582 PARTEN, L. F. Erath County
7B-018587 RUSSELL, C. C. Erath County
7B-018590 WYLIE, A. K., HEIRS Erath County
7B-018591 WYLIE, H. T. Erath County
7B-018592 YOUNG, I. W. Erath County
7B-018613 DILLINGHAM-FULFER Erath County
7B-032818 BARNES, B. L. Comanche County
7B-035767 BLACKWELL, A. H. Erath County
7B-035972 MCINROE, M. F. Erath County
7B-036205 STEWART Erath County
7B-042881 MORING, J. E. Erath County
7B-051514 FAMBRO, J. M. Stephens County
7B-051897 FAMBRO, J. M. Stephens County
7B-054265 FAMBRO, J. M. Stephens County
7B-060231 FARMER B. J. Parker County
7B-060401 WATERS TRAVIS E Parker County
7B-060834 MURRAY L.D. Parker County
7B-062240 FAMBRO J. M. Stephens County
7B-068863 MOORE H.P. Parker County
7B-069109 SWANSON-WALDRUM UNIT Parker County
7B-069176 CYRIER UNIT Parker County
7B-074008 SIMMONS, PHIL Parker County
7B-075441 BROOM Parker County
7B-077217 SIMMONS, PHIL Parker County
7B-088175 PIPES, W.B. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-090733 MAULDIN, C.W. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-091258 WYLIE, A.K. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-092813 DALLAS, G.W. Parker County
7B-093053 RUSSELL, C.C. Erath County
7B-093403 ALEXANDER, A.V. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-093536 KEMP, H.J GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-093664 FULFER, MRS. W.T. ETAL GAS UNIT1 Erath County
7B-094299 RUSSELL,C.C. Erath County
7B-094690 GORDON, VIRGIL GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-094691 MAULDIN, C.W. "A" GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-096462 FULBRIGHT,W.C. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-096472 WILLIAMS, G. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-098137 EVANS, J.B. GAS UNIT Erath County
7B-115776 MURRAY,L.D. "A" Parker County
7B-133768 CHASTAIN, L.B. Parker County
7B-135271 ERNEST ASHBROOK Parker County
7B-161912 SIMMONS Parker County
7B-162022 JUSTICE ET AL Parker County
7B-164472 COWLEY Parker County
7B-166067 MURRAY, L. D. Parker County
7B-166995 STAFFORD Parker County
7B-184572 COWLEY Parker County
7B-224813 BLACKWELL, A. H. Erath County
7B-227128 CLARK, J. D. Comanche County
7B-281058 PATTERSON Parker County
7B-282152 LAMKIN, W.W. Parker County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crossbow Resources, LLC