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Leases Operated by Crownquest Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-02890 FOSTER, MARY Mitchell County
08-40510 WILKINSON RANCH Howard County
08-44329 TRIPLE HOP Midland County
08-44968 S WILKINSON Howard County
08-48053 WR HACKBERRY UNIT Howard County
08-48056 WR BUR OAK UNIT Howard County
08-48225 WR LACEBARK ELM UNIT Howard County
08-48558 SIDEWAYZER UNIT 1824 Martin County
08-50649 COLT 45 Glasscock County
08-50917 FR UNOBTANIUM 1411 Midland County
08-51545 WRS WILD RYE 2124 Howard County
08-52077 HANG NAIL F Martin County
08-52081 HANG NAIL Martin County
08-52132 WILKINSON RANCH H Martin County
08-52774 WR VITEX Howard County
08-53770 TOE NAIL G Martin County
08-54772 AVOGADRO C Midland County
08-54773 AVOGADRO E Midland County
08-54812 AVOGADRO Midland County
08-54932 AVOGADRO H Midland County
08-55202 MAGNOLIA Howard County
08-55218 SWEETGUM Martin County
08-55266 HARAMBE 32 Glasscock County
08-55297 RED OAK E Howard County
08-55454 LACEY OAK Howard County
08-55524 ACTINIDE Midland County
08-55611 GREEN SPRANGLETOP F Howard County
08-55750 DESERT WILLOW Howard County
08-55862 CONCORD Glasscock County
08-55920 STEAMBOAT E Howard County
08-55946 CONCORD G Glasscock County
08-56169 STEAMBOAT G Howard County
08-56191 STEAMBOAT F Howard County
08-56200 HALOGEN Midland County
08-56220 HALOGEN F Midland County
08-56238 HALOGEN G Midland County
08-56314 CONCORD H Glasscock County
08-56401 YELLOW PINE Martin County
08-56442 YELLOW PINE E Martin County
08-56450 ALKALINE EARTH E Midland County
08-56490 ALKALINE EARTH Midland County
08-56511 ALKALINE EARTH G Midland County
08-56532 YELLOW PINE F Martin County
08-56554 SPIKED ALOE Howard County
08-56769 HAMMER E Martin County
08-56770 HAMMER F Martin County
08-56771 BRAD NAIL Martin County
08-56775 HAMMER Martin County
08-56820 MAGNOLIA E Howard County
08-56856 ALKALINE EARTH I Midland County
08-56958 SPIKED ALOE F Howard County
08-57040 HENRY Glasscock County
08-57048 REMINGTON E Glasscock County
08-57066 HENRY E Glasscock County
08-57075 MAGNOLIA F Howard County
08-57114 REMINGTON Glasscock County
08-57374 BUFFALO Howard County
08-57426 BUFFALO E Howard County
08-57475 BUFFALO F Howard County
08-57544 NEEDLE Howard County
08-57615 YAMAHA PACIFICA Howard County
08-57654 YAMAHA PACIFICA E Howard County
08-57655 YAMAHA PACIFICA F Howard County
08-57717 MENDELEEV Midland County
08-57765 MENDELEEV H Midland County
08-57781 MENDELEEV G Midland County
08-57805 COMMON NAIL Midland County
08-57810 MENDELEEV C Midland County
08-57851 COMMON NAIL E Midland County
08-58051 YAMAHA PACIFICA G Howard County
08-58065 COMMON NAIL F Midland County
08-58203 LEXINGTON Glasscock County
08-58204 LEXINGTON E Glasscock County
08-58316 COMMON NAIL G Midland County
08-58383 MENDELEEV F Midland County
08-58384 MENDELEEV I Midland County
08-58385 MENDELEEV K Midland County
08-58386 MENDELEEV L Midland County
08-58555 LEXINGTON G Glasscock County
08-58577 LEXINGTON F Glasscock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crownquest Operating, LLC