Devon Energy Production Co, L.P. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Devon Energy Production Co, L.P.
Map of Wells Operated by Devon Energy Production Co, L.P.
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Leases Operated by Devon Energy Production Co, L.P.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-02115 LAMBERT, M. F. Refugio County
02-09552 DARLENE UNIT Karnes County
02-09558 JULIE Karnes County
02-09844 JANYSEK UNIT Karnes County
02-09874 GRAMM UNIT Karnes County
02-09880 KRUDWIG UNIT Karnes County
02-09941 HYATT A DeWitt County
02-09945 DROMGOOLE 'B' UNIT Karnes County
02-09959 OLIVER B DeWitt County
02-10013 STEEN A DeWitt County
02-10067 OLINICK UNIT A Karnes County
02-10070 RUDD UNIT DeWitt County
02-10105 BURDA COLLINS UNIT Karnes County
02-10121 ZGABAY A DeWitt County
02-10172 GOLDEN 'A' UNIT Karnes County
02-10174 FRANKLIN UNIT Karnes County
02-10177 SEIFERT B DeWitt County
02-10180 CANTU C DeWitt County
02-10201 CANTU A DeWitt County
02-10202 SANDY A DeWitt County
02-10206 KORTH C UNIT Karnes County
02-10270 CROZIER A DeWitt County
02-10271 SEIFERT A DeWitt County
02-10318 GOLDEN B UNIT Karnes County
02-10420 E. BUTLER A DeWitt County
02-10464 BEDNORZ B DeWitt County
02-10477 NICHOLS A UNIT Karnes County
02-10560 LANIK B DeWitt County
02-10696 LANIK A DeWitt County
02-10791 LOVE UNIT Karnes County
02-11105 MIGURA A DeWitt County
02-11343 BERDIE UNIT Karnes County
02-11515 HONS UNIT Karnes County
02-11744 BURRIS UNIT Karnes County
02-12437 LOVE-SIENKIEWICZ A Karnes County
02-12514 CARMODY TRUST BD A Karnes County
02-12522 CARMODY TRUST BD B Karnes County
02-12523 CARMODY - FRANKE MAY A Karnes County
02-12540 BERDIE - HOFFMANN - APOLLO A Karnes County
02-12565 FOX - STOELTJE B Karnes County
02-12573 RUDD AC Karnes County
02-12581 DZUIK - STOELTJE A Karnes County
02-12582 BERDIE-MOCZYGEMBA A Karnes County
02-12585 BERDIE-MOCZYGEMBA B Karnes County
02-12587 FOX - STOELTJE A Karnes County
02-12590 RUDD-GREEN A (SA) A Karnes County
02-12599 BERDIE-STOELTJE A Karnes County
02-12670 LOVE-SIENKIEWICZ C Karnes County
02-12671 LOVE - KOTARA RIDLEY D Karnes County
02-12673 FOX-FITCH (SA) A Karnes County
02-266736 FRANKE UNIT Karnes County
02-287745 MONSON UNIT Karnes County
02-287746 MONSON UNIT Karnes County
02-287785 DROMGOOLE 'B' UNIT Karnes County
02-293691 BIG OAK B DeWitt County
02-293692 BIG OAK B DeWitt County
02-293725 JACOBS A-BOYSEN A SA 1 DeWitt County
02-293997 MOY A Karnes County
02-293998 MOY A Karnes County
02-294016 MOY A Karnes County
02-294022 MOY A Karnes County
02-294023 MOY A Karnes County
02-294153 MOY A Karnes County
02-294154 MOY A Karnes County
02-294155 MOY A Karnes County
02-294156 MOY A Karnes County
02-294184 MOY A Karnes County
02-294837 P. FRISBIE A DeWitt County
02-294861 LP BUTLER B DeWitt County
02-294862 LP BUTLER B DeWitt County
02-294863 LP BUTLER B DeWitt County
02-294864 LP BUTLER B DeWitt County
08-18323 MCKNIGHT, M. B. Crane County
08-28516 LEA, P.J. ET AL Crane County
08-33220 MCKNIGHT, M. B. Crane County
08-47127 BAIRD, W. E. Winkler County
8A-03137 SACROC UNIT Scurry County
8A-19573 WELCH NORTH UNIT Dawson County
8A-19574 REEVES UNIT Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Devon Energy Production Co, L.P.