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Wells Operated By Discovery Operating, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Discovery Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-188412 COCHISE Winkler County
08-195429 COCHISE Winkler County
08-26181 UNIVERSITY -C- Andrews County
08-36408 TXL-V "39" Midland County
08-36457 WINDHAM 38 Midland County
08-36459 TXLV 43 Midland County
08-36498 UNIVERSITY 11 Andrews County
08-36503 BRADFORD 44 Midland County
08-36513 ANDREWS -3- Andrews County
08-36514 ANDREWS 1115 Andrews County
08-36515 UNIVERSITY 11B Andrews County
08-36516 UNIVERSITY 11A Andrews County
08-36561 WINDHAM 40 Midland County
08-36585 WINDHAM 42 Midland County
08-36652 BRADFORD 36 Midland County
08-36655 GERONIMO 15 Midland County
08-36700 TXLV 41 Midland County
08-36839 COCHISE Winkler County
08-36874 GERONIMO 27 Midland County
08-37005 HOLZGRAF 22 Midland County
08-37448 COOPER 36 Glasscock County
08-37618 JW 9 Midland County
08-37623 JW 8 Midland County
08-37639 JW 7 Midland County
08-37855 JW 16 Midland County
08-40498 MILDRED Martin County
08-40499 JAMIE Martin County
08-41132 AMOS Midland County
08-41509 DAKOTA Martin County
08-43366 GREENWOOD Reeves County
08-46993 HOLZGRAF (SA) B Midland County
08-48301 GERONIMO (SA) A Midland County
08-49834 JW (SA) J Midland County
08-50925 JW (SA) I Midland County
08-51565 JW (SA) A Midland County
08-52509 JW (SA) R Midland County
08-53276 JW L Midland County
08-53507 JW V Midland County
08-55650 JW B Midland County
08-55735 JW A Midland County
08-56059 GREAT DIVIDE B Midland County
08-56094 GREAT DIVIDE A Midland County
08-56299 JW C Midland County
08-57918 HOLZGRAF GERONIMO A Midland County
08-58161 GREAT DIVIDE D Midland County
08-58451 DIRE WOLF UNIT 1 Martin County
08-58616 JW (SA) B Midland County
08-58682 JW (SA) C Midland County
08-58684 SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Z Midland County
08-58710 SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Y Midland County
08-59860 BUTTER CRUNCH J Midland County
08-59877 BUTTER CRUNCH K Midland County
08-59889 BUTTER CRUNCH L Midland County
10-022693 OLOUGHLIN, N. Hansford County
7C-04265 XRL Schleicher County
7C-08211 RIC Schleicher County
7C-15429 HOLZGRAF 34 Upton County
7C-15671 CT 39 Upton County
7C-15820 CT 35 Upton County
7C-16578 FIREFLY A Upton County
7C-17644 ANDY Upton County
7C-17788 FIREFLY Upton County
7C-19106 HOLZGRAF (SA) C Upton County
7C-19835 HOLZGRAF (SA) G Upton County
7C-20449 HOLZGRAF CT (SA) U Upton County
7C-20450 HOLZGRAF CT (SA) N Upton County
7C-20475 HOLZGRAF CT (SA) S Upton County
7C-20476 HOLZGRAF CT (SA) R Upton County
7C-20928 HOLZGRAF CT (SA) H Upton County
7C-21139 WHITE RANCH 'A' McCulloch County
7C-21309 R L HENDERSON B Schleicher County
7C-21315 HOLZGRAF GERONIMO (SA) A Midland County
7C-21316 HOLZGRAF GERONIMO (SA) B Upton County
8A-62403 WADE Hockley County
8A-62409 RODGERS Hockley County
8A-63376 DOSIER Howard County
8A-64400 HISAW Hockley County
8A-64554 MGF-SMITH "B" Martin County
8A-64892 MGF-SMITH "C" Martin County
8A-68210 SILHAN Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Discovery Operating, Inc.