Double Eagle Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Double Eagle Operating, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Double Eagle Operating, LLC
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P O BOX 2508

Leases Operated by Double Eagle Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-064175 HARDIN-STATE Reeves County
08-064331 KIMBER GAS UNIT Reeves County
08-070774 POULTER GAS UNIT Reeves County
08-07208 EMERY Ward County
08-075639 HILL Reeves County
08-079556 LINDEMANN Reeves County
08-123207 HALEY, J. A. "31" Loving County
08-14293 TXL -A- Reeves County
08-155071 ROARK Winkler County
08-163058 NINE MILE DRAW '135507' Reeves County
08-169974 BOWDLE, MARGARET "42" Loving County
08-170869 GOLDEN Ward County
08-171296 HALEY "32" Winkler County
08-172937 ROARK "34" Winkler County
08-18080 BROADLAND, HELEN Ward County
08-20986 SLAUGHTER-TRICE Martin County
08-228824 BOYD, D.K. 27-4 GAS UNIT Winkler County
08-228886 BOWDLE, MARGARET "42" Loving County
08-230752 HALEY 27-28 Winkler County
08-23113 SMITH Ward County
08-232053 WADSWORTH 39 Winkler County
08-24192 SUN-ARRINGTON Loving County
08-26383 ARRINGTON, BERTHA A Loving County
08-29752 HANSON Glasscock County
08-30609 GLASS Howard County
08-33581 WILKINSON-BROADDUS Howard County
08-34500 WILKINSON 32 Howard County
08-36213 ROARK "34" Winkler County
08-36366 POULTER OIL UNIT # 1U Reeves County
08-38940 SNELL Martin County
08-39251 GUITAR TRUST 7 Martin County
08-40160 GILMORE Martin County
08-43251 BRONQUIST Ward County
08-43498 CARSON B Ward County
08-43719 CARSON Ward County
08-43953 BLODGETT Ward County
08-44397 COLE Ward County
08-45084 BOWDLE, MARGARET '42' Loving County
08-45459 HOMAR Howard County
08-49930 FOUNDERS O'BRIEN STATE Reeves County
08-49964 FOUNDERS JOHNSON STATE Reeves County
7C-05745 MERCHANT Reagan County
7C-09579 BRADEN Reagan County
7C-10058 BRADEN "C" Reagan County
8A-61667 BUTLER Lamb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Double Eagle Operating, LLC